What's wrong with coach Ma Lin ?

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May 2011
Not just Ma Lin, but generally speaking, i find that all CNT coaches seem to be angry and yell to their players when they are in a bad situation. i understand you want to shake up your player and reignite their instincts, but that can also undermine their confidence or give them extra stress.

I never see that we other country coaches.

and JNT women are often smiling when playing. i almost never see the CNT players smile. ok thats maybe their way of doing business. It's been working for them after all. But if it's not working anymore, perhaps its better to change, right ?
Not all yell, WH doesn't. In fact only Ma Lin seems really tense, everyone else seems rather calm. Besides, all 4 semifinalists are Chinese, so IDK if I'd say it's not working.