Xu Xin vs Adam Bobrow

says Win by Spin!
says Win by Spin!
Aug 2022
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I actually like the fact pretty much that even the top players of table tennis seem so close and reachable to play with, as once a comment somewhere stated (maybe in the TTD Timo Boll ALC Review Video). It is not like when the crazy fans want a piece of you, like in soccer sometimes. During a championship maybe, but not in a situation like that.
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Oct 2014
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The shakehand restriction was not a restriction, nor is the small racket - those restrictions I have seen before and they drop your level by at most 300 points, I don't practice penhold or Seemiller and I can play decent with either. The real restrictions were all the ones that Adam won - using the off hand (I have met 2500+ players with 600-level strength off hands, hand switching is not the same as being able to play and rally with the off hand), using a bare blade and using a pre-made. I suspect if Xu Xin had some real practice with the premade, he could have won that challenge.
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