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  • Tenergy 05 Hard
    5.00 star(s)
    Great option for hybrid rubber; way better than Dignics 09c
    This is the Dignics 09c substitute that you have been looking for! This rubber can actually compete with Hurricane 3! This is a proper hybrid...
    • greenbeanmachine
  • Hurricane 3 NEO
    5.00 star(s)
    Hurricane 3 unboosted 37'
    If u have good technique then this rubber is amazing. I use unboosted and still get enough speed. Probably works best on a powerful carbon blade...
    • Abbimmael
  • Dignics 09c
    3.00 star(s)
    Decent rubber; weird characteristics; overpriced
    Allow me to start by saying that this is probably a really good rubber... for professionals. But for amateurs I think most of us are not good...
    • greenbeanmachine
  • Nittaku Miyabi
    5.00 star(s)
    Really good feeling with amazing speed
    Nittaku Miyabi has a lot of nice qualities. This was my main blade for a long time, and currently I am still using it for about half of my playing...
    • greenbeanmachine
  • 36.5 ALX
    5.00 star(s)
    Xiom 36.5 ALX
    I'm a FH/BH aggressive looper, I play near the table with occasional This blade has the speed and the spin of a Viscaria, maybe tiny less speed...
    • Fedex78

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  • Fan Zhendong ALC

    The Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC is a 7 ply outer carbon blade based off the popular VIscaria blade. Fan Zhendong has 5 new blades out with...
  • Dignics 09c

    Dignics 09c is the latest rubber released by Butterfly on the 1st April 2020. It's the latest addition in the Dignics series using a newly...
  • Tenergy 05

    Tenergy 05 is for the High Performance topspin attacking player. Tenergy has inbuilt 'Spring Sponge', which is the latest innovation from...
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution MX-P

    This version confers the highest dynamic and thus makes MX-P the fastest rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber family. Thanks to the perfect adjustment...
  • Rubbers $70.00

    Evolution MX-S

    Thanks to the new pimple geometry of the rubber surface the ball contact time is expanded creating a spin geared dynamic version of Evolution with...
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution FX-P

    FX-P is the most flexible and soft version of the EVOLUTION rubber family. This rubber confers a lot of sensation and control in any playing...
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution EL-P

    EVOLUTION EL-P is the most elastic rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber series. EL-P with its medium sponge perfectly fits in between the harder MX-P or...
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution EL-S

    Tibhar's latest rubber for 2016, the evolution EL-S which has a grippy topsheet combined with a medium to hard sponge for speed and extreme spin...
  • Rubbers $64

    Evolution FX-S

    Tibhar's latest rubber for 2016, the evolution FX-S which is the little brother of EL-S. The FX-S has the same spin as the MX-S however the power...
  • Blades $40

    Allround Evolution

    Suited for all round players who want to vary spin and speed. Based on the Stiga Allround Class but faster.