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  • Golden Tango
    5.00 star(s)
    Easily My Favorite Rubber
    The stickiness of the rubber and the elastic topsheet make it very good at picking up half long balls and returning shots with offensive brush. I...
    • NextLevel
  • Waldner Offensive 2016
    5.00 star(s)
    Do-it-all 5-ply allwood blade
    I bought this blade when it was initially re-introduced by Donic few years ago. I remember that I used it for 1 session only (just to check the...
    • mightymouse
  • Dignics 09c
    5.00 star(s)
    tackinnes really opens up a lot of possibilities. it is important to keep some moiture (water) on the topsheet to increase tackiness. i dont fell...
    • art
  • Fan Zhendong ALC
    5.00 star(s)
    Fan Zhendong ALC, the best Butterfly Blade
    I bought this blade with FL handle in April of 2023 and have played with it with multiple rubber combos, the first being Rozena both sides, second...
    • joshmak10
  • Aurus Prime
    4.00 star(s)
    Softer feel offensive rubber
    I like this rubber very much - it feels a lot softer than a 47.5 such as Vega Pro and once you adjust to that it’s a nice feeling. In my...
    • Wrighty67
  • Blades $205

    Tiago Apolonia ZLC

    Butterfly Apolonia ZLC 5 + 2 ZLC (probably similar to Innerforce) Head size 157x150 Thickness 5.6mm Weight approx. 90g Release date: May 2016...
  • Blades $500

    Jun Mizutani Super ZLC

    This Jun Mizutani Super ZLC blade is the latest model in the Super ZLC range from Butterfly. The fibres are more densely woven than other ZL fibre...
  • Blades $220


    The Nittaku Violin table tennis blade is hand crafted in Japan using techniques and woods usually associated with string instruments! This...
  • Blades $235

    Jun Mizutani ZLC

    Butterfly have created a blade suited for one of Japan's greatest players of all time, Jun Mizutani. The blade is well balanced that offers great...
  • Blades $241

    Innerforce ZLC

    The most recent innovation from Butterfly. ZL Carbon provides a totally new feeling of ‘Holding the Ball’. Speed, spin and control unite in this...
  • Shoes $200

    Energy Force 12

    Butterfly's cooperation with ASICS have produced high class table tennis shoes.The strong stability, firm grip and its dampening effect offer...
  • Blades $245

    Liu Shiwen

    A blade made in the name of the 2013 World Cup winner Liu Shiwen. The blade is light weight and flexible for offensive blade. It has 5 piles plus...
  • Blades $242

    Zhang Jike ALC

    One of the series of Zhang Jike blades. High performance model with Arylate carbon. For the all-round attacking game. Recommended for players who...
  • Blades $200

    Innerforce Layer ALC

    Butterfly's new blade for 2015, the Innerforce Layer ALC. This blade is incorporated with a mixture of Arylate and Arboni. A high quality model...
  • Shoes $210

    Energy Force 10

    Butterfly's Energyforce continue with the Energyforce 10. This is a high quality show from Asics and Butterfly to offer optimum stability and...
  • Blades $220

    Vega Tour

    The Xiom Vega Tour blade has excellent control due to the outer wood being Hinoki. This gives the blade outstanding feeling and ball control. The...
  • Blades $290

    Innerforce Layer ZLC

    A new blade from Butterfly in 2015 with the most recent innovation from Butterfly using ZL Carbon which provides a totally new feeling of ‘Holding...
  • Blades $210

    Hurricane Long

    The Hurricane Long blade is made up of two layers of Aril-carbon making this 7 ply blade fast. This blade has been developed for players who want...
  • Blades $230

    Viscaria Light

    The Viscaria light is a lighter version of the original Viscaria blade. The blade consists of sensitive veneers combined with arylate carbon.
  • Tables $1750

    Premium Compact CS

    Stiga Premium Compact CS The World Class table with the unique and safe Super Compact System. This model is ready assembled for playing. The...
  • Tables $1382

    World Champion TC

    The Donic World Champion TC Table Tennis Table was the official table of the 2006 Liebherr World Team Championships and 2007 Liebherr European...
  • Blades $430


    The Butterfly Revoldia blade released in 2020 uses the new “Cellulose Nano-Fiber”, combining the rare benefits of a soft touch without losing the...
  • Blades $225

    Innerforce ZLF

    The ZL Fiber provides great feeling and power. Lighter that traditional carbon blades. It allows the ball to stay on the bat longer creating more...
  • Robots $661

    Robo-Pong 2050

    Top-of-the-Line Robot for Serious Table Tennis Players. Revolutionary digital technology means easy, precise regulation of ball speed, wait time...
  • Blades $250

    Cedric Nuytinck

    This high-tech blade is composed of two layers of newly developed synthetic fibres making it ultra-light and stable, while at the same time...
  • Blades $250

    Kinetic Speed

    KINETIC SPEED The secret of this blade lies in its unusual composition from synthetic fibres. They create an extraordinary sweet spot and an...
  • Blades $200

    Ai Fukuhara Pro ZLF

    This is a new blade by Butterfly in 2015. This intricate blade carries the name of Japanese Superstar Ai Fukuhara. It consists of 5 wood veneers...
  • Blades $220

    Ligna FR OFF

    The Ligna FR OFF blade is a 7 ply blade packed with two synthetic fibre layers and 5 high quality wood to give the blade a superb sweetspot. The...
  • Tables $900

    Premium Rollaway

    The Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19 has a 19mm playing surface suitable for locals league matches, competition, school and home use. • Perfect for...
  • Blades $220

    Ma Long Carbon

    This blade is dedicated to Ma Long for his powerful play. Ma Long Carbon has better control values than DHS Ma Long 5, which has more aggressive...
  • Blades $220

    Ice Cream AZX i

    The worlds first hybrid table tennis blade, the XIOM ice cream AZX i which has a unique carbon construction. This unique 7 ply blade has two...
  • Blades $210

    Hurricane King III

    China's 3 x world champion Wang Liqin played with the Hurricane King III blade. This blade has two layers of fibre glass carbon adding to the...
  • Robots $1999

    Amicus Prime

    Butterfly's latest robot the AMICUS PRIME sets out to redefine the possibilities of a table tennis robot and will excite fans all over the world...
  • Robots $2960

    Amicus Professional

    The Butterfly Amicus table tennis robot comes in 3 models, basic, advanced and professional. The robots have been designed for all worldwide...
  • Robots $2960

    Amicus Advance

    The Butterfly Amicus table tennis robot comes in 3 models, basic, advanced and professional. The robots have been designed for all worldwide...
  • Blades $227

    Innerforce T5000

    The fastest blade in the Innerforce series. The extra hard Tamca makes this blade the ideal option for aggressive topspin players.
  • Blades $242

    Zhang Jike T5000

    Carbon TAMCA 5000 is known for its unbelievable power. This blade uses material that reduces thickness of the blade, compared to previous Tamca...
  • Blades $525

    Zhang Jike Super ZLC

    The Super ZLC has 1.8 times more densely woven fibres than other ZL fibre blades. The carbon fibre has been adjusted to produce a large sweet spot...
  • Blades $270

    Katana Platinum Special CP

    POWER OF HINOKI HONMASA SPECIAL Mono-ply Chinese penholder of super premium quality Super premium mono-ply KISO HINOKI penholder blade. Among...
  • Robots $560

    Robo-Pong 2040

    The 2040 robot does everything theA Robo-Pong 1040A does, however it comes with the Recycling Net System. Recycling Net captures your returns and...
  • Blades $200


    (From The Qabod is the 3rd blade in the Calix Series. It is a thin, composite blade for offensive players who favor power shots to...
  • Blades $269

    Cybershape Carbon

    The new STIGA Cybershape Carbon is a completely new type of blade with a unique shape and larger hitting area according to STIGA. Cybershape is a...
  • Blades $219

    Gergely Alpha

    Successor to the popular Tamca Carbon 5000. Responds perfectly to the new rubber generation. Lighter with a smaller head for powerful close to the...
  • Tables $1450

    Smash 28 R

    The Tibhar Smash 28/R is the table tennis table used at the 2007 World Championships, as well as the 1998 and 2002 European Championships. A 1.1"...
  • Blades $310

    Cybershape Carbon CWT

    The new STIGA Cybershape Carbon CWT is a completely new type of blade with a unique shape and larger hitting area according to STIGA. This is the...
  • Blades $289.99

    An Jaehyun TMXi

    An JaeHyun TMXi TMX, a new concept special material selected by An Jaehyun INNER Composite This is a blade designed by the Xiom blade R&D team...
  • Blades $342

    Zhang Jike ZLC

    The Zhang Jike ZLC is packed with ZL Carbon for powerful attacking game play with soft feeling. This is an ideal model for both attacking and fast...
  • Blades $236

    Vyzaryz Freeze

    Quality meets innovation with the 5+2 ply JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze! Using the highest-grade AL-C this cutting-edge blade gives a hard and powerful...
  • Blades $285

    Vyzaryz Hybrid

    The JOOLA Vyzaryz Hybrid is the dual-threat blade you’ve been searching for! It’s customized to account for the differences in forehand and...
  • Blades $310

    Vyzaryz Trinity

    The JOOLA Vyzaryz Trinity is a complete game changer! In a JOOLA first, this blade employs the ground-breaking X3, a state-of-the-art super...
  • Robots $400

    Robo-Pong 1050

    Identical in every way to theA Newgy Robo-Pong 2050A except it doesn't have the Recycling Net System. The 1050's Ball Bucket holds 200 balls for...
  • Blades $200

    Innerforce Layer ZLF

    This blade is certainly not the fastest of Innerforce Layer series, I felt this blade is slower than Innerforce ALC and ALS.S, which make it OFF-...
  • Blades $245

    Ovtcharov No.1 Senso

    In January 2018 Dimitrij Ovtcharov achieved world number 1 status, because of this Donic produced two blades in his name. This blade the Ovtcharov...
  • Robots $300

    Robo-Pong 1040

    This Negy robot Includes all features of Robo-Pong 540 plus oscillation and more powerful speed and frequency controls. Bucket Extender expands...