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04-04-2016, 02:54 PM
Okay, everyone here is posting various championships, so I should share too ;-)

Here are some from our championships..
The best (and probably the most discussed) match of the champs was this one:


At 3:17 watch the floor around Bai´s left feet, it moves, then at 3:21 during the same rally Bai almost fell down because of it, the umpire does nothing..
At 4:57 Bai caught the table with his bat. His rubber got a little damaged - just like 3 cm long 1 mm thin line directly at the end of the bat..
Few points later the umpire spots it and says he cannot continue with that bat. But Bai had no other bat to play with. Then they argued there around 20 minutes (that is cut off the video) and then he is forced to continue with completely different bat that he never used before..
At 28:00 the floor opens up again and Bai fells down.. After another arguing they are moved to another table, where the match continues..
Anyways, during the match the fans got really bad, shouting vulgar messages to the umpires and to the whole championships..
It didnt put this tournament into the best light.. Bai would probably win the match not being all this to happen..
At 32:07 Pištej raises his hand, claiming a LET, but umpire didnt see it and he was forced to play, missing the ball with the backhand, then they argued about that. Pištej said he was holding his hand for 3 seconds, Bai said - but why did he continue playing then.. Umpires gave the point to Bai, Pištej resigned and wanted to quit the tournament. Noone accepted his resignation, eventually they continued. Bai then missed the serve to give Pištej a bit of justice..
Then when at 34:20 Pištej gets an edge ball, he madly stepped at the ball, umpire not seeing that, didnt do anything, just replaced the ball..

Really sick..
Okay anyways, then this is the final of the doubles..


And finally the final:


I also have to say, that the women part was won by a 15 years old girl playing short pips on the BH, that was 8:3 down in the deciding game, then scoring 5 or maybe even 6 nets and edges, managing to win from 4:9 down 11:9.. ;-)
Her name is Tatiana Kukul'ková, but lets be honest - being there Wang Yang (a "Slovak player") and Barbora Balážová, it would be them with the titles, lol..
But the Kuwait open was more important for them (probably because of the olympic games..)

04-04-2016, 03:26 PM
When I saw those floor first idea was "don't they trip on it" and later i saw they do :D
I know these floor are used very often, but I saw under them are wooden floor. Aren't they would be ok to play on?

That Pistej seems to be a "bad" guy :D
Overall thanks for detailed post. I watched all your mentioned episodes and they were very interesting. Also games are nice to watch - many open rallies.

04-04-2016, 05:10 PM
Thank you :)
Its all about the bad chinese influence into the sport.
Because Bai He is chinese origin, people here want Slovak player to win.
Well in fact I like Bai He more than Wang Yang or Thomas Keinath (also "slovak" players), because at least he speaks Slovak.. lol ..
I mean - Keinath represents our country for years and he would not be able even to order a beer here,.. tss..
I also like more our people to win, I wanted Pištej to win, but when I saw what all they did to Bai, I felt really bad..
Such incompetent umpires there..
Also now I was at the tournament with my daughter and the umpires are soooo bad.. omg.. I even went to the tournament umpire and he told me there is nothing I could do..
Well thats the way it goes.. Umpires rule the game.. sometimes good, sometimes they ruin it..

04-06-2016, 07:10 AM
Btw, I just wanted to point out, that Pištej is one of the very few (if not the only one) who played Ma Long in a tournament, and didnt even lost a set!
He won 4:0 ;-) I mean - he played Ma Long, but never lost to Ma Long.. Who else can say that? :D
Yes, it was in 2003, but still .. :-D