View Full Version : Timo Boll ALC With Skyline TG3 neo FH and Bomb Mopha Pro.tension Backhand?

11-30-2011, 04:35 AM
well my current setup is LKT Ayous Hinoki Blade with Hurricane 3 neo on FH and BH.....i wanna get a better blade and i want to change my rubbers because i find it hard to control the hurricane 3 neo with my full out swing stroke...it just goes over the table to often...and would the bomb mopha and skyline tg3 neo be good for spinning backspins? because i find it kind of difficult to spin them with the hurricane 3 neo or maybe its just my stroke....i like to drive near the table and back out to do loops away from the table...im a offensive player...do you guys think this setup would work for me? how does the skyline tg3 neo compare to the H3 neo? and does the bomb mopha really act as a euro rubber? thanks for the help in advance!

11-30-2011, 07:09 AM
Hi CJ, welcome aboard. I'm not sure about the LKT blade, but I'm sure Carl will give you a full run down in comparison with TB ALC later. As what I know, the Neos of Hurricane and Skyline are rather hard, which probably resulting in longer trajectory like you said (unless you can induced a lot of spins to bring the ball back down on to the table)