1. PimplePark table tennis brand.

    Does anyone know pimplepark? what do you think about them?
  2. durable rubber brand?

    i am finding some durable rubber for my blade - xiom vega euro - to training in a long time. My play style is offensive for all BH and FH from near to mid table. i have read a lot of review of Xiom, Victas, Gewo, TSP, nitaku, ... but their opinions are not similar. i dont have so much money, so...
  3. Best Brand Over-all?

    Hey guys, this question has been bugging me for a long time. What is the best brand? Is it Stiga, Butterfly, Nittaku, Donic, DHS, Tibhar, Xiom, etc...? (just of what I've seen those are the most used brands by the professionals). Which is the most durable, and longest lasting? Which is the most...
  4. SOLD: No Longer For Sale

    Hi all, Just received my order from tabletennis11 - Stiga Celero Wood + Stiga DNA Future M rubbers (2.1 mm) on both sides, Legend flared handle. Tried it for 1 game, and it's way too fast and stiff for me :( I paid 113 EUR, would sell for 90 EUR. And the shipping is on me, tracked registered...
  5. equipment reviews - brand filter?

    At the equipment reviews section of the website used to be a filter for brand, it was very useful and now it is not there, was it removed? or is it a bug?
  6. Why no ESN brand released short pips with newer tensor technology?

    Hi all, Seems like there's not newer tensor short pip rubbers. It's because the upgrades to the latest gen ESN rubbers are useless to use on short pip rubbers? Thanks, Eduardo
  7. New brand!!! Tmount

    Anybody tried their first batches of blades? I am testing the new ones and they are very promising. Quality seems to be in the level of Yinhe or better but the playing characteristics are almost as good as the blades they are patterned from. If you are looking for cheaper versions of Innerforce...
  8. Brand New TT Club in Sacramento USA Forum Meetups?

    A new club opened in Sacramento, huge place. Maybe owner could thin out the tables some. Lighting is no glare (my eyes are real prone to glare) and 500+ lux everywhere. $50 USD a month for membership. Who want make historic Goon Squad meetups over there?
  9. Brand New Liu Shiwen Blade

    WTS Brand New Liu Shiwen Blade WTS a Brand new with the green dot blade anyone interested? 250 AUD Need it gone ASAP!
  10. FS: Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC ST + Andro R47 Black and R42 Red BRAND NEW

    Hey All, For Sale is a BRAND NEW Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC ST + Andro R47 Black and R42 Red. Unwanted gift. £330 + shipping Payment using PayPal. Open to Offers
  11. Brand new, curled tensor rubbers?

    Vega Pro curled out of the box?? Hey all, One of two (new) Xiom Vega Pro rubbers I bought was curled when I unwrapped the package and took it out. The other was pretty much flat. It was curled in the opposite direction from a boosted rubber, with the sponge side being smaller than the top...
  12. FS: CHEAP: Xiom Strad + 2x T05fx Brand new

    I have an xiom stradivarius FL paired with two T05fx 2.1 which i purchased new from custom table tennis, after some financial changes i now require to sell this setup before i had chance to try it out.Cost me £175 Willing to let it go for £155 Free UK Postage Comes with CustomTT bat case and...
  13. FS - Brand new packaged Tenergy sheets

    I have 6 brand new Tenergy sheets for sale on Ebay guys. Reason - I am moving to MXP. I am selling the sheets at £48 each, no international postage/deliveries I'm afraid. PS - I get my sheets from a Butterfly pro player- needless to say you are not going to get sheets as fresh (and hand...
  14. FS- Fresh, brand new packed Tenergy direct from Butterfly

    FS- Fresh, brand new packed Tenergy 05 Hi all, I MAY (please note the word may) be willing to sell 4 sheets (2red/2black max) of T05. They are obviously unopened and I get them from a pro friend who is butterfly sponsored and gets them direct from Butterfly. Reason for sale - I am getting...
  15. FS: Stiga genesis brand new S+M £35

    I have two sheets of stiga genesis one S Black 2.2 and one M Red 2.2.£35 each, free postage if both bought. Will trade for T05 Black 2.1 brand new plus £20 IMG_20170119_165619 by spencertiime, on Flickr Obviously just the two rubbers from this picture
  16. Montana brand Blade Info?

    Hi everyone, Mi father is a collector of old articles, and today he has found this blade in an antiquarian: Montana Topspin 600 (made in Hongkong) Montana Rubbers Caoutchouc Super Soft Sandwich Backside, Ittf competition agrée par F.H.K.T.T. I am searching info about this racket but I could...
  17. FT/ OSP Martin Carbon Brand New

    Hello everyone, I've OSP Martin Carbon (brand new) . I'm interesting to trade Viscaria or HL5 .
  18. FS Brand New Xiom Vega Tour - 112

    sold SOLD IT
  19. FS: Brand New Tibhar Evolution MX-P (in package, never opened)

    Hey guys. I have a brand new MX-P for sale (Black, Max thickness). It is known for its power, spin, and long life span. If you are interested, you can send me a message. I'm asking for 50CAD or 38USD. However I'm not really sure about shipping. I'm from British Columbia, Canada.
  20. For sale: Brand new Donic Baracuda Big Slam

    For sale: Brand new Donic Baracuda Big Slam (package never opened) In the recent years, I have used a lot of Baracuda (big slam) rubbers. So I overstocked one sheet. But I am using DHS H3 (national edition) + Tenergy 05 now. I am pleased to find this platform where we can share our additional...