1. National Table Tennis Day !

    Hello guys, we have a longer break between this video and our last video but we are back. We are back with realtion from Polish National Table Tennis Day. Video is in polish but you can turn on subtitles. Link to video: Also you can follow us on our...
  2. Backpacks for table tennis and every day use

    Hello guys! I am looking for a new backpack for going to the practice and for also every day use! Could you recommend me some bags? I have been looking at some of the butterfly bags and also stiga edge grey! Thanks!
  3. Best Moments | TableTennisDaily Team | World Table Tennis Day

    Happy World Table Tennis Day everyone! We hope you're all staying safe, thanks so much for all the support so far this season. Here's to our best moments so far from the season... what has been your fav moment from the series?
  4. A Day in The Life With All Time Great Kalinikos Kreanga!

    Hey guys! We're back with another “Day in the life of a pro” series. This episode features the 2003 World Championship Bronze Medalist, former world number 7 and the man behind the best backhand of all time, Kalinikos Kreanga! Kreanga is one of the most popular table tennis players of all...
  5. FS: Two 3-day weekend passes for Euro 2019 in France

    Hi, I'm selling two 3-day weekend passes (Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th) for the Euro 2019 in France. 45€ each (instead of 60€)
  6. A day in the life of a Pro Player | Will Bayley

    Hey guys! Here is episode 3 in our “Day in the life of a pro” series. This episode features the 2016 Paralympic Champion Will Bayley! Will is an extremely dedicated, hardworking athlete and has overcome many life struggles to reach the top in table tennis. Watch our previous episode with...
  7. [LHTT #63_Etc] The Day She Started TT
  8. A Day in the Life of a Pro Player - Michael Maze

    Hey guys, Here is episode 2 in our “Day in the life of a pro” series. This episode features the 2009 European Champion, former world number 9 and all around table tennis legend Michael Maze! Michael is one of the most popular table tennis players of all time and has created all kinds of...
  9. Seo Hyo Young Practice day before Tourney

    An interesting vid of SHW's sister the day before a tourney with the girls and guys...
  10. T2: Judgment Day

    Featuring T-2000...
  11. Olympic Day - Ding Ning & Ryu Seung Min doubles partners!

    Hey guys! During Olympic day last week, Ding Ning and Ryu Seung Min paired up to take on Tomokazu Harimoto and Kim Song in a match! This is entertaining stuff! Good to see Ryu Seung Min back in action!
  12. A Day in the Life of a Pro Player | Kristian Karlsson

    Hey guys, We have just released our new “Day in the life of a pro” series. Our first episode is with none other than Swedish number 1 Kristian Karlsson! Kristian plays for Borussia Dusseldorf in the Bundesliga with Timo Boll, Anton Kallberg and Stefen Fegerl. In this video we are guided around...
  13. Happy World Table Tennis Day 2018

    Happy World Table Tennis Day! Hey TableTennisDaily Academy, today on the 6th April is world table tennis day which is used to not only to spread the magic of our wonderful sport but also to bring people together to celebrate “table tennis for all” and bring new players in to discover and enjoy...
  14. TICKET FOR SALE! To finals day to the German Open Nov 2017. Front row seat.

    Hi guys I have a front row ticket to the finals day of the German Open this November which I brought but I cannot make it so I'm selling it. Date: Sunday 12 Nov 2017 What: ITTF German open Location: Magdeburg Price: £29 Seat: Block L front row - block L is right in front of the court which is...
  15. WTTC 2017 VLOG #3 - Qualification Day!

    Hey guys, Here's our 3rd vlog here at the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships in Dusseldorf, Germany! This vlog provides an insight into the behind the scenes action of the 2 qualification days! Over the last 2 days the 2017 World Championships has seen some intense matches in the...
  16. Win a prize each day at the WTTC with Butterfly!

    Hi guys, Thought you may be interested in this competition with Butterfly: Good luck :)
  17. World Table Tennis Day 2017

    What plans do you have for world table tennis day today? Anything exciting? <iframe src=" TFWorld%2Fvideos%2F1716669655029697%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="315"...
  18. TableTennisDaily VLOG #5 - Swedish Open 2016 Day 1!

    Hey all, Here is is my latest vlog which features features the Swedish Open. We go behind the scenes with STIGA during Day 1 at the 2016 Swedish Open.
  19. fathers day present,decision

    hi guys the wife asked me what i wanted for fathers day ,so here i am ,and made up my mind on a Timo Boll,but here is the deal im between ALC ,ZLC, T5000?im leaning towards ZLC,but would like some opinions ,thanks guys
  20. World Table Tennis Day 2016

    The World Table Tennis Day was on the 6th April 2016! The ITTF planned to reach out to as many countries as possible. What are your plans? Will you be getting involved? TableTennisDaily has teamed up with Pawel Table Tennis and we are going to travel around Bristol in the UK with a mini...