1. Harimoto innerforce SZLC alternative? back-up blade for tournaments

    Hello,So I bought myself a Harimoto Inner SZLC at a 40% discount ( someone bought it and stoppoed playing and sold it to me brand new), I and it works like charmMy problem is that Amateur tournaments here, you play around 10 matches in a day, with lots of people in the same room, high...
  2. 16 year old Fan Zhengdong vs 16 year old Harimoto, who's better

    Fan zhengdong started international competition from 15 and quickly moved up the rank, and Harimoto obviously started much earlier. Who do you think it is the better or more complete player at age of 16? I think Harimoto at this point is slightly better than FZD at 16, but it's not by too much.
  3. FS: Harimoto alc, D09c, D05

    Hey all, I would like to sell my harimoto innerforce ALC with D09c (max, red) and D05 (max, black). I have played with this blade for about 10 hours and loved the blade. The reason im selling this setup is because i preffer another, cheaper setup. Pictures can be found via this link...
  4. Is Harimoto's screams disrespectful to the opponent?

    Recently I had a debate with a co-player from my club concerning the "screams" of Harimoto. He claims that Harimoto shouts to hype himself, while I believe he shouts to intimidate and irritate the opponent in an unsportsmanlike fashion. The question in short is: "Do you believe that the...
  5. any news about harimoto?

    hello, anyone has news about harimoto condition? Is he training? is he improving? We have seen all top chinese players playing in the national championship and top european players playing in Germany. Recently I have seen some japanese players like mizutani, togami, yuda ukiya and koki niwa, but...
  6. Layers of following Blades Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC

    Hi, Do anybody know the Layers of following Blades: Lin Gaoyuan ZLC and SZLC, Harimoto Innerforce ZLC and SZLC Do any of this blades use Limba ?? Take Care! Ray
  7. Anyone got the Harimoto Super ZLC ?

    Hey guys, anyone got this blade and could give a short review ? Online reviews are pretty mixed up and the next butterfly store is kinda far away .. so I really gotta be sure before spending 240€ Thanks :)
  8. Xu Xin, Harimoto & More | Training | Table Tennis MOTIVATION

    New training hall video from the top 16 players in both the men's and women's singles at the 2019 T2 Diamond event in Singapore! Here's some motivation for you as you head back to the training hall after lockdown! Video includes Xu Xin, Mima Ito, Harimoto, Hugo Calderano, Ding Ning and many more!
  9. Harimoto innerforce ALC vs Timo Boll ZLF

    Hello, I have been a longtime lurker here in the TTD forum. I decided to open an account to ask this question as no threads are discussing this particular topic yet. I wanted to ask what the difference is between the Harimoto innerforce ALC blade and the Timo Boll ZLF blade. I am currently using...
  10. [Video request] Harimoto vidoes

    With the recent rules. No switch sides, no audience, no chos, no shakehand. Any vid of harimoto on that rules? I'm dying to see him play without his chos. Thanks
  11. Question on harimoto super zlc

    What's the difference between that and jun/zjk super zlc? I am getting a hang of BTY stuff right now, they just rebrand their blade with XXX ${carbon} where XXX = the players name. So harimoto super zlc is zjk super zlc refresh?
  12. Strategy for dealing with Harimoto's screaming

    Harimoto's screaming is a cheap tactic - he disrupts his opponent's concentration, forcing his opponent to lose focus during that critical moment right after making a mistake - when one runs through the scenario in their head, analyzing what they did wrong and what they should have done while...
  13. Harimoto tomokazu innerforce super zlc

    Get those wallets out and the CHO's ready..... Coming soon.......
  14. Timo Boll ALC and Harimoto innerforce ALC feeling

    Hey all, I currently come from a timo boll ALC blade and tried to switch to xiom icecream azxi, however the feeling from this blade didnt suit me. Therefore i started looking for another blade that would be able to give me more control with my backhand but not lose me too much power on my...
  15. FS: Butterfly Harimoto ALC FL with 2 Rozenas 1.9 mm

    Sold all !!! Sold all
  16. World Tour Grand Finals 2019 | Everything You Need To Know

    The final major event of the year will be held from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th of this month in the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre. The Agricultural Bank of China 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals will consist of 5 events including the Men’s and Women’s singles, men’s, women’s and mixed...
  17. Timo Boll ALC vs Harimoto ALC

    Hey guys, Since releasing the Harimoto ALC blade review, we have had a lot of questions asking how it compares to a Boll ALC. In this comparison video below, I compare the two directly. Let me know on this style of video and which other types of comparisons you'd like to see. Cheers guys!
  18. Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Review

    Hey guys, Here's our latest review of the Tomokazu Harimoto ALC blade by Butterfly! The Japanese Wonderkid Harimoto is just 16 years old and already has his own personal blade out! We compares the Harimoto blade to the Timo Boll ALC, Innerforce ALC, and Viscaria. What do you think of the...
  19. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    After much ado, here it is.
  20. FS: Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto ALC FL 91g

    Hi everyone, Looking to sell my 91g Tomokazu Harimoto FL available. Perfect condition, tested for 1 session only, comes with box. $250 AUD. Photos available at the following links: https://imgur.com/a/Rq01Bos and https://imgur.com/a/ysR8Fh2. Shipping and PayPal fees excluded. Shipping from...