1. H3 neo, provincial 2.15mm orange sponge 37deg red

    Hi Everyone, So after seeing the earlier thread that compared H3 blue sponge, Dignics 09C and H3 37 degree, I was interested in finding some 37 degree hardness H3. (This puts it at about 50 degree ESN) Tenergy 05 is 36 degree/49 ish ESN i managed to buy a sheet of H3 neo provincial 2.15mm...
  2. Dhs hurricane 3 Orange vs blue sponge

    Hi, What are the differences between hurricane 3 orange vs blue sponge? I heard that blue sponge is harder and requires more power and orange sponge is easier to play with.Would love to hear your views. Thanks.
  3. Hurricane 3 orange sponge vs blue sponge

    Hi, I just got HL5 about a month ago and put hurricane 3 provincial orange sponge boosted with two layers of falco.The combo was good but was missing something. I ordered blue sponge hurricane 3 provincial from tt11 and boosted even that with two layers of falco. I have to say waoo what a...
  4. Dhs Hurricane long V with Hurricane 3 Provincial Orange Sponge

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy DHS Long V blade and slap on an unboosted hurricane 3 Provincial Orange sponge on it on the forehand side. I feel that the unboosted hurricane will be non bouncy and slower and will teach me good footwork and will teach me how to use my legs and body to loop kill...
  5. New DHS D40+ Orange 3 stars ball

    Hey you can now get the DHS D40+ 3 star ball in orange with the ABS material will these be allowed in match play straight away?
  6. What is the difference between H3 Provincial Blue Sponge and H3 Neo Orange Sponge?

    Hi! I want to buy a H3 Provincial Blue Sponge for my forehand. Now I am using H3 Neo Orange Sponge. What are the differences? Is it good to buy?
  7. Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange

    does anyone know how this compares to Tenergy 05? or xiom vega pro or MX-P?
  8. Orange plastic balls?

    Do they exist, or are they like unicorns? I have read about those becoming available after the plastic ball is more widely manufactured, but as of yet, I have never seen one (except those 44+ balls)
  9. NEO Hurricane 3 orange sponge 37 2.1 Provincial ( Ma Long)

    NEO Hurricane 3 orange sponge 37 2.1 Provincial ( Ma Long) 38$+SHIPPING COST WORLDWIDE $ 5. payment PAYPAL
  10. Where to buy Hurricane III national blue or orange sponge?

    So I'm looking to get a Hurricane 3 national or provincial, and read that was the place to go. anyone have any links that they trust? obviously there's lots of fakes floating around, and don't know how to judge. Been looking at this...
  11. Big Dipper and Hurricane 3 neo (orange sponge)

    I've been seeing a lot of the Big dipper recently and it has looked quite interesting. The BD has been compared to the H3 neo very vaguely in quite a few review so I would like to know, in more detail, the differences between the two. I know that the BD is a tensor rubber but I have no idea what...
  12. Table tennis in Irvine Orange Country CA USA

    Hi Ping Pong Friends, In October the table tennis season in the Netherlands has a short (2 weeks) break. During this break I am flying off to Irvine, Orange County CA, in the USA. To keep up with the game, I would like to play some ping pong. Does anyone of you come from Orange County or is...
  13. Blue Sponge or Orange Sponge

    I have been looking at different DHS NEO hurricane 3 Rubbers (I especially like the national version) and for a few of them there is an option of Blue sponge and Orange sponge, i think that the blue is better as it is more expensive, what exactly is the difference and which one would you recommend?
  14. Finally, orange poly balls has been launched!!!

    As we know, DHS is makers of many branded poly balls, so soon many brands will follow suit with orange balls. Not my favourite poly ball (prefer seamless XSF made balls at the moment), but this is an option to those "must be orange ball" environments.
  15. Dhs hurricane 3 national orange sponge

    I have just the above to go on to a new blade ( hurricane long 2 ). I would welcome any views on the pros and cons of boosting this rubber. It seems the vast majority of players (including top pros) boost despite it being illegal many thanks
  16. New Two Toned Ball Could Be Used Worldwide!

    The two toned ball that will be used in the semi finals of the 2014 Chinese Super League has sparked a huge interest in the table tennis world. It has been reported by the Chinese State Sports General Administration that the ball will most likely be used in International tournaments in the...
  17. Warning! Weird rubber! Tibhar Grip-S (max with orange sponge)

    I switched my forehand rubber from DHS H3 Neo to Tibhar Grip-S (max with orange sponge), and I observed that this rubber have abnormal behaviour in terms of ball contact. I have difficulty in controlling this rubber. If you hit flat or smash the ball runs too slow. If you topspin in forward...
  18. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Orange Sponge

    I went to a table tennis shop today and saw a Hurricane 3 Neo Orange Sponge for only 16 euros, and they were completely real, so I got them! When I used it, it had massive spin, I tried it on my Donic Ovtcharov Senso V1 blade, how is this national version diff. from the normal one?
  19. DHS H3 Provincial 39-40 Degree orange sponge.

    DHS H3 Provincial 40 Degree orange sponge. Combo - DHS Black H3 Provincial Blue Sponge Max 39 Degree boosted, JOOLA Red rhzym Max, JOOLA Flame Fast - used for coaching penholders for a week, but now being sold as first come first served. Retail is $200 for this setup, but my dealer is...
  20. H3 NEO provincial blue sponge and orange sponge???

    Hi Guys, as i am using hurricane 3 NEO provincial(orange sponge) right now, i found out that there is also Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge. If any of you here have tried the hurricane 3 NEO provincial(blue sponge) before, can you please tell me your experience and the difference between the...