1. China Withdraw From The WTT Middle East Hub

    In a blow to the first official World Table Tennis events the Chinese National Team has announced it will be withdrawing completely from the Middle East Hub. This announcement comes after the Hong Kong table tennis team withdrew from the Middle East Hub earlier this month. Hong Kong Head coach...
  2. World's Craziest Table Tennis Tournament | Win get £1000!!!

    Hey guys! Welcome to the World's Craziest Table Tennis Tournament! In today’s episode the TTD Team compete in a straight knockout competition using random objects as table tennis bats. Some returning favourites from our past videos include the world’s largest bat and the 100 year old table...
  3. World Ping Pong Masters 2021

    Hi All, For anyone interested in the hardbat stuff, I'm posting this here as a favour to Stephen Baggaley. NB I'm not sure the link will work if you're not on Facebook :-
  4. World's Best Table Tennis Server Par Gerell vs Dan and Tom

    Hey guys! When producing the Par Gerell Masterclass, myself and Tom managed to take on Par in a one set table tennis showdown! Here’s how we got on! Find out how to do the Par Gerell Serves in our Masterclass here:
  5. World Table Tennis Macao 2020

    The RESTART of table tennis now moves onto the most anticipated event of 2020... World Table Tennis Macao! This tournament will use all the latest World Table Tennis innovations and has a prize pool of $800,000! Date: 25th-29th November. Draw - Coming soon Men's Singles 01) Fan Zhendong...
  6. World Cup Commentator

    Greetings. Have been watching the WC (both men's and women's) and loving it. So happy to have live international TT back again. Can the ITTF please get us a better commentator? I am not sure who the guy is who is doing the commentary, but in my opinion, he is not that great. I don't want to...
  7. Coca-Cola becomes first-ever World Table Tennis partner

    pretty big news guys... could this bring a lot more money in tt and for players prize purse ?
  8. Men's World Cup 2020

    The RESTART of Table Tennis is here! Over the next month ITTF will run 3 events! The Women's World Cup, Men's World Cup and the ITTF Grand Finals! Later in the month World Table Tennis will run it's pilot event in Macao! This topic is for the Men's World Cup (Weihai, China) which begins on the...
  9. Women's World Cup 2020

    The RESTART of Table Tennis is here! Over the next month ITTF will be running 3 events! The Women's World Cup, Men's World Cup and the ITTF Grand Finals! Later in the month World Table Tennis will run it's pilot event in Macao! First to kick off is the Women's World Cup in Weihai, China which...
  10. can I play world championships with this?
  11. Adam Bobrow vs World no. 7 Lin Yun-Ju

    First video
  12. Ma Long on World Table Tennis (Interview)

    A new interview has just come with Ma Long being interviewed about World Table Tennis! <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden"...
  13. Liu Guoliang chairman of World Table Tennis

    The ITTF have just announced Liu Guoliang as the chairman of ITTF's new product World Table Tennis. Full write up here. World Table Tennis states: WTT, is the commercial and events company of the ITTF, will be placing players and fans at the core of all its business to catapult table tennis...
  14. Taking On The World's Best Table Tennis Serves!

    Hey guys, so when filming the Par Gerell Masterclass, myself and Tom took on the World’s best server Par Gerell to see how many serves we could receive…. out of 10! Now I took on Par 4 years ago and only managed to receive 2 out of 10… so I hope after 4 years I’ve made some improvement… Here’s...
  15. Dan Ives sets another Table Tennis World Record!

    TableTennisDaily's Dan took on the epic challenge of trying to break the World Record for 'most consecutive bounces on a table tennis bat'. He took on the challenge this week to raise money for NHS Staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. Dan already holds a world record for the...
  16. NOW LIVE: World Record Attempt - Most Consecutive Bounces on a Table Tennis bat

    Hey guys! We're LIVE! I'm going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive bounces on a table tennis bat. The record currently stands at 5 hours, 2 minutes and 37 seconds. My aim is the break the world record live whilst raising funds and awareness for NHS staff and...
  17. Best Moments | TableTennisDaily Team | World Table Tennis Day

    Happy World Table Tennis Day everyone! We hope you're all staying safe, thanks so much for all the support so far this season. Here's to our best moments so far from the season... what has been your fav moment from the series?
  18. Table Tennis World Records

    Bored in lockdown? Have a lot of time on your hands? Why not try and break a world record to pass the time. Here are some table tennis World Records that you could have a go at. The World's Longest Table Tennis Rally - 8 Hours, 40 Minutes and 5 seconds 1) Longest Time to Control A Table...
  19. World Table Tennis

    looks like there are going to be a lot of changes for TT competitions next year WTF ??? Does that mean no more ITTF World Tour next year ? and thats replacing it ? does any one understand WTF is going on ?
  20. ---^^^ coronalize the world ^^^---

    this might be a new viable tactic to defeat your opponent 1- make your opponent think you have the corona 2- blow air from your mouth to the ball 3- your opponent will never touch the ball with his hands again argentina's cifuentes demonstrates the air blowing movement at 28:45