1.8mm thickness rubbers

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I want to go with not thick rubbers for my new coming soon blade, i just want to have fun and a lightweight smashing racket rather than just those so spinny and top spin weapons, i already have that with like 2.0mm and MAX thickness, now i am thinking about going down in weight and also not depending much on sponge, i remember in the past long time ago i used a racket with rubbers that are thin and they have that catapult quick finishing, i do better with those than Max or thicker sponge, and did i say fun!!!!

I have Fastarc G-1 with 1.8mm and it is great, i also bought Hammond Z2 one version as 1.8mm and i didn't use it yet, so i have one tested, and one is waiting, i will use it for FH, now i want something for BH with 1.8mm as well, i always go with softer version on my BH than forehand rubbers.

I hope to go with cheaper rubbers, less than $40-50 if possible.