The latest table tennis movie 'As One' hit the screens in Korea 3 weeks ago. On its debut premier the film was number 2 at the Box Office (behind "The Avengers") with more than 600,000 viewers. The film follows the events of the first unified South Korea-North Korea table tennis team at the 1991 world championships in Chiba City, Japan. The sports drama is directed by Moon Hyeon Seong while the two main leads include Ha Ji-Won (Sector 7, Haeundae) as Hyun Jung-hwa, the top South Korean player at the championships and an Olympic gold medalist and Bae Doo-Na (The Host, Doomsday Book) as Li Bun-hui, the North Korean player and Hyun's doubles partner.

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Photo by: Al Young

The actors watched the GAC GROUP 2012 ITTF World Tour, Korea Open, Incheon City, KOR last weekend and can be seen in the photo below :)

Actors in photo from left to right

1. Dan Young (China's Gao Jun *now American player* but in movie officially Gao Yue)
2. Kim Jae Hwa (China's Deng Yaping, but in movie officially "Deng Yao Liang")
3. Choi Yoon Young (South Korea's Choi Yoon Jung)
4. Han Yeari (North Korea's Yoo Soon Bok)
5. Bae Doona (North Korea's Li Bun Hui)
6. Ha Ji-won (South Korea's Hyun Jung Hwa)
7. Director Moon Hyeon Seong


The film trailer can be seen below

So has anyone seen this film yet?

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The ITTF umpire in the film called me up today and told me USA release dates in major cities have come out.

I saw this movie with 1/2 my TT club and it was a blast, plus the after party at German Haus resturant. Of course, there was absolutley ZERO true German foods there, just the house construction!