Backhand rubber

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Feb 2024
I'm building my first racket and can't decide what I want to use on my backhand.
I want to buy ma lin soft carbon. On the right is a big dipper 38, but what should I buy on the left?
On the left I often play with blocks and cuts, but at the same time they can play aggressively 2-3 times in a row, what should I put on the backhand?
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Sep 2022
You didnt give a budget, considering this i'll give a few in different pricepoints.

Mark-V, You can chop, attack and block with ease. It isn't fast or as spinny as tensor, but any beginner can build upon it. Even higher level players can find succes.

Palio AK47, Honestly a budget ESN rubber. It is grippy and gives enough speed and spin to do anything. Mostly for a controlled attack style of playing. Hardness is your preference, if you are a higher level club player it does lack in all aspects.

Yinhe Mercury 2 soft (BOOSTED)
This has a loud cracking sound, very good if you like playing with the wrist. Spin is good, but not Hurricane levels. High arc with high throw makes this a great rubber in offense. After boosting blocking is quite good aswell.

Rakza 7
Litterly the most friendly choice ever, can't go wrong.