Best way to clean tt table?

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We have gotten four new Donic tables in our club, but no one is taking care of regularly cleaning them so my training partner and I did it once after weeks of accumulating sweat and dust on the tables and the Donic cleaner did a very good job. No signs of sweat or dust were left. We used a microfiber cloth to wipe the tables.
says Aging is a killer
says Aging is a killer
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Only use a cleaner if there is some ingrained dirt or grease. In my experience all the cleaners take off a bit of paint when used.
Best to simply use a dry towell and wipe away the dirt. If you want to use the table for a competition, use a light spray of water. Use distilled water for extra safety.
Edit: just to add, make sure the table is covered when not in use. Old bedsheets will do. Reason is that you'd be surprised at the amount and type of stuff that falls from the ceiling over time.
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