BH rubber seletion for a noob

says Serve, top, edge. Repeat.
says Serve, top, edge. Repeat.
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May 2020
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Hello and sorry for spamming the forum section, but this is gonna be the last post for a while until I need help again.

A bit of history, I've been playing since 2016 and currently I'm at A' local level, but it's gotten stale and want to spice things up by learning penhold, my fav is Xu Xin so yeah... I've passed throught defense, chinese rubbers, carbon blades, etc. But I never tried penhold thought because my coach never liked the idea of me playing pen and always scoffed and turned it down when I brought it up. Now he's teaching kids penhold and after 5 years, finally want to learn it too.

My setup is on my profile and is Intensity and Goldarc 8/Bluestorm Z3.

I'll give it a shot from the new year and have decided on buying this equipment mainly due to cost efficiency,
- Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive
- DHS Neo Skyline TG2
and glue, sponges, but wtvr. I'm ordering from because a few friends are ordering too.

For the blade and FH rubber I'm sure because I have a YEO and is extremely similar to my Intensity, same with the TG2, I've played with it and never had an issue.

For the backhand I decided to skip rubbers like Sky Wing and Super FX and go for a proper european rubber.
I'm between 3 rubbers, Xiom Vega Europe and Victas Ventus Regular α(alpha) or the Donic Desto F3 Big Slam.

Normaly it wouldn't even be worthy of a second thought, I'd go for the Vega or Desto, but I'm new at pen. My one turn off from the Desto is that the technology used is very old and will not hold up to modern standards. As for the Victas, my idea is that the 1.5mm sponge would be more than enough to help me learn the basics, but then arises the issue of the fact that I'll overgrow it very quick, maybe even in a few months, I hope not weeks... So I need help to decide because I'm going in completely blind and can't really afford to buy the wrong thing...