Does this rubber and blade combination work?

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Jan 2024
So today I went on surfing the internet for different types of blades and rubbers.
And I want to buy some blade and rubber combination out of curiosity.

I do play currently on a butterfly boll mezzo and two sriver rubbers (very control based I know) and play table tennis competively for almost 10 years now, but I would call myself barely advanced.
I love to top spin the ball, and do spinny serves and stuff in practice, but play a bit more back spin in competitive depending on the player (would like to be more aggressive competitive in the future though).
Playing 2-4 times a week currently.
Also am a lefty, using the backhand more then the forehand.
I did try to consider rubber hardness, but that concept is new to me.

Blade: Palio Energy 03
Forehand: Yinhe Big Dipper H39
Backhand: Palio AK47 blue 38-40

I would be interested to hear your opinion ☺️
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