Fukuhara Ai on male and female players in mixed doubles.....???

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Sep 2013
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So interviewer asked what is the chance of Japan get XD medal in Paris?

Ai said, it all depends on if the male players can 配合 with female players and that female players train more than males and if males only want to train singles or rest and if they want to train doubles with females, so males need to 配合 with females...
She continues to say, it is the same as a husband need to 配合 to the wife etc.

Here is the translation of 配合:
  1. Cooperate
  2. Coordinate
  3. Collaborate
  4. Work together
  5. Harmonize
  6. Synchronize
  7. Align
  8. Conform
  9. Mesh
  10. Blend
Princess Ai has spoken.

Every other opinion I have heard of is the female player needs to be the one 配合 to the male, because the male is normally the stronger player.... so its not about male or female, but weaker partner and stronger partner issue and how to defend and attack based on the rotation of male (stronger player) hitting towards female (weaker player) and female (weaker player) hitting towards male (stronger player) and how the rallies will revolve and how to explot the weaker players returns etc

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