Has anyone used Nittaku rubbers?

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Oct 2012
I just wanted to know the common characteristics of Nittaku rubbers like the 'Hammond Pro' or 'Renanos Hold' or something; not physical characteristics like 'not tacky', 'grippy' etc. I mean like the rubbers' capabilities like gears, throw angle, speed, spin etc. Can anyone tell me?

And is there a 'particular' combination that goes well with Nittaku rubbers? If so, can anyone tell me?
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Oct 2012
I haven't used it but based it off reviews:

Hammond Pro
has two types:
Beta seems to be a more tackier, many gears, high speed and a good spin although there's low tackiness on the rubber. Both of the rubbers are good rubbers for the backhand, and is also similar to anti-spin rubber. Beta will last longer than the Alpha and also has better consistency. The rubber both have great control but the Beta will win in the battle of control. The Beta is also a little bit more expensive than the Alpha.
Renanos Hold
The Hold is a little more expensive than the Beta but has better spin and less speed. It is also heavier than the Beta and still has the great control thr Hammond Pro Beta has. It is a more consistent rubber compared to the Beta.

If I had to choose one of the rubbers I would choose the Hammond Pro Beta over the other rubbers.

Other suggestions:
- Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro
- Nittaku Skyline 3
- Nittaku J.O. Waldner
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