Help me learn about active blocking / spin block

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May 2023
Hi community,

I have a few questions about active blocking / spinblocking? and would like to learn more about it. This is a technique that I have not used at all until recently but I started to practise it alot around 2 weeks ago.
About me: Two-wing looper, around 1500 TTR (1700-1800 USATT), using TB ZLF with 2x Fastarc G1.

Unfortunately I dont have footage of me doing this technique, but let let me describe. What I am practising is, my partner just puts topspin balls into fh or bh and I try to brush over the ball, hitting it not directly but more on top of the ball. It is like a small stroke, like a mini topspin?, and Ive noticed that it is actually not too difficult to perform active blocking against opponents of my level. and many of them have trouble to keep looping this active block because it comes back fast and has some kick.

By the way, I am only talking about active blocks that are performed close to the table.

Now my questions:
1. I have noticed that sometimes I brush the ball very lightly and it gets some extra arc, and the tempo is slightly reduced. Sometimes I brush it maybe slightly thicker when going over the ball, and the ball becomes faster, and it is very controlled to do that, but it is also less dangerous for the opponent to return it even though the ball is faster now. It is not a „punch block“ in this case, but maybe the kick is alot less. I am not sure on how to reproduce this since my technique is still developing, and dont know which one is better.

How should this active block (going over the ball) be played? Timing (early or late?), more upwards or more forward, more wrist or less wrist?

3. I noticed that on Bh active block it has way more kick than on FH with my mediocre technique. If I brush slightly on FH, the ball just goes out because of the opponents spin. So I feel like I just add speed because I go a bit more into while going over the ball, which is still good compared to a passive block, but I am curious how I am supposed to hit the ball with FH.
Especially: Should I add my own spin or not?

4. When would you use an active block? In the sense that, if the opponents ball is very spinny with high arc, is it good to use or way too risky? Or is it better vs fast loops that are medium spin? I guess pros can do that on most shots, but I am asking about a practical level of lower intermediate .

Thank you for reading all of this and for your tips. I will record some footage again next time so it becomes more clear

Also if you know good info or videos on this topic, please let me know. Want to practise this alot more and implement it into my game. Cheers!
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