Hosting a TTD community tournament in Germany

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The idea was mentioned sometime ago and a few people were interested so I want to make this happen. My club owns the venue so that isn't a problem (I asked just in case). We are located in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg. It should take place during the break between league seasons on a weekend, May to end of August. Just need to find a date that works for everyone. Some weekends won't work because of big tournaments happening around the area. We can set up four tables to play with enough space for players. If the WiFi works well enough we could even stream it.

But first things first, who would be interested in taking up the journey?
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I'm in. But I really hope many more wants to come so that 4 tables is not enough... So an impudent question, is there a theoretical chance to have more tables?
We have six tables, but there wouldn't be enough space between them. I don't want people that rally to get disturbed by incoming balls or a player right next to him/her. So four tables max inside real boxes.
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There hasn't been much feedback and I do need clear time frames to figure out a date that works. I will be away from July 18-22 and there are the aforementioned tournaments happening throughout spring/summer. Also might have to get surgery so I'm not sure I could host/participate myself. Will know what's up next week.
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