Hybrid rubbers similar to Tibhar el-s in terms of throw, catapult and easy spin

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Sep 2022
Hello everyone, I am posting this on behalf of one of my clubmates. He is using el-s on his forehand and backhand for quite sometime now and he loves it. However sometimes there are issues with ball slippage. Does anyone have any suggestions on a hybrid/higher grip rubber that behaves the most similar to a top spin friendly rubber like el-s ? I believe that the important categories to consider would be the throw angle, catapult and easy spin. Thank you all in advance !
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Feb 2019
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Throw angle and spin will be no problem. Catapult is the biggest concern.
EL-S is a quite catapulty and soft (~45 degree) rubber.
The best thing about hybrids is, that they are LESS CATAPULTY than previous rubbers. It’s therefore easier to play in short game and more demanding but better quality in offensive game as well as easier to counterspin near the table.
Your best bet would be a „soft“ hybrid like:
- rasanter c45
-rasanter c48
- bluestar a3
- Vega pro H

Everything that is beyond that hardness of 45-48 degree will be too different.

Anyway: keep in mind, that the catapult will definitely be much lower and the player needs to play a lot more active than with EL-S.

For normal rubbers, Fastarc g1, rakza 7, rozena might do the trick, but are quite similar
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