New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

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Jul 2020
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I Just bought 2 sheets of R48 (2 weeks ago it was on a TT11 weekly special 25% off ) and 2 Sheets of PK50 (full price).
last week the PK50 was on the weekly special, should have waited a week to get the PK50!!!!

PK50 is (for me) easier to generate spin on serves than Rakza Z, overall it's not as consistent for loping, R48 is very crisp for looping, Rakza Z Is easiest to loop with (FH). speed for PK50 about the same as Rakza Z, R48 is slightly faster.
bounce test - Rakza Z and PK50 both slightly tacky and more pronounced dulled bounce with (new) PK50 than the Rakza Z, R48 bouncier but it isn't tacky, so that's to be expected.

I mounted he PK50 and R48 on Primorac all wood, after playing against robot and for 1 1/2hrs yesterday v people, I ended up using R48 on FH and PK50 on BH which suited me better.
I will still be using the Donic Dotec with R48 BH and Rakza Z FH, I really like the Rakza Z on my FH, but it would be easy to use either R48 or Rakza Z on both.

The PK50 needs more playing time to get use to on FH,

I would estimate spin levels for all 3 to be similar.

Tomorrow playing for last time before COVID tier level goes up!! so i'll get some feedback from practice partner about which seems to be the hardest to play against / spin etc
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Jan 2020
Enjoy. Hope that it’ll go down after xmas.
I’d love to have a higher-throw Rakza Z so would like to hear your comment on that. But I’m not sure after seeing that pink sponge in the images :( Red or orange are ok. But pink is a little too far...
If the performance difference is not that big of a deal, I’d stick with the nice light cream.