Pro blade - what does it look like.

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Sep 2023
that does make sense,
but I do think there will be some consequences to it, if say Butterfly isn't informed or in agreement to it.
the player could possibly get into some serious trouble

I once thought of asking Lin YunJu for an autographed blade and put it into auction
but since TTD (if I recall, or was it someone else) ran an auction not so long ago, it was shocking to see not much was raised. So I didn't choose to go that route in May 2023.
I just think the auction drive on TT goods isn't that attractive.
Yea, you def. dont want to get a player just trying to do a good deed in hot water. You never know, though, the blade may inspire the great player from that area. Anything is possible. Either way, thanks for posting the pics, pro's set ups are always interesting.
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