Recommendation for an all rounder

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Mar 2024
Hi everyone first post here, pleasure to meet you all.

Wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for a blade and rubber setup suited to my playstyle?
I've experimented with a few blades and rubbers (pimples included) and am still struggling to find my "Perfect setup" Although I am getting close.
Currently I am rocking a Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC blade with MXP on the backhand and K3 On the forehand.
I love the control and the feel but It is quite top heavy and heavy in general.
My playstyle is loopy/spinny Forehand, (ive used a dignics 09c and G1 before). I enjoy the catapult effect on forehand rubbers.
Backhand is flat smashing/punches and counting attacking which is my main weapon.
I usually play semi-close to the table but don't mind defending and pushing back. I would classify my playstyle as an (allrounder)
I play division 1 In Australia and would say I'm an intermediate/advanced player.
Price range doesn't bother me and happy to experiment with different rubber combinations. Would anyone have any suggestions based on the information above?

Thanks crew.