Retired Celluloid player needs Plastic ball bat ;)

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Hi there!

Im a former member of this forum.

I quit the sport a few years ago due to an injury. After a decent recovery I have tried some different sports, but I miss the competitive drive I had with this sport. So I decided to dig up my account here and see what‚Äôs up ūüėĀ.

Of course the first thing I post here has to be about equipment. I used to be all about it. I have tested lots of different setups in the past. From very controlled to blazingly fast. Unfortunately I threw it all away when I moved last year, so I am gonna need a new bat haha…

When I stopped playing was right around when the Rasant Grip and Powergrip got released. But now I see lots of new equipment for the plastic ball: Tacky European rubbers with fancy colours and even blades in the shape of a hexagon (I quite like that actually haha)!

So Im looking for some advice here on the latest equipment. I think I already made up my mind about the blade: Stiga Cybershape Wood. Stiga wood blades have always served me well. And I really like the innovation and new shape. It looked a bit odd at first but Im digging it now. Im not sure if I should pick the regular or the CWT version.

Im also not sure about the rubbers. Hard seems to be the new norm. I used to play with Bluefire M2 on both sides. For the forehand this was just right. The backhand was a little hard to control at times. I have a decent backhand when I can put pressure on the opponent, but if the opponent would pressure my backhand it felt a little too bouncy.
For the forehand I could handle a harder rubber. But on the backhand I would prefer a rubber that is a little more on the foregiving and controlled side.

What is your guys opinion on these newer rubbers? Are they any good for the plastic ball? What rubbers should I give a try? I’m open to suggestions!
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Jul 2014
I think M2 should be considered as still a fairly relevant rubber, it'd be worth a try just for old times sake and to return to the familiar. But the newer Bluestorm series (esp Bluestorm Z2) might end up suiting your interactions with the new ball better, after all it is a engineered with the plastic ball in mind. Keep in mind there is no good way to tell for yourself until you try
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