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says Out of Business Janitor/Babysitter
says Out of Business Janitor/Babysitter
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Sep 2011
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I am not saying what he is doing is easy or difficult.
Because that's a relative term.

I will however say what he does is easier than playing inverted looper on both sides.
This is why he got the rating of 2300.
I'm sure if he played inverted both sides he would be around 1800 or less.

I will not tolerate any disagreements with these facts.

You can go tolerate it and lick my nappy toe jam, mister, but I agree with you, Oliver would be significantly lower level playing 2x inverted, he just doesn't have a reliable FH attack yet (but he's been working on it) I would say if Oliver played brain dead attack happy offensive, he wouldn't even be 1800 USATT, but if he played close to table block with 2x inverted with a pick hit or two, he would be 1900-2000. He has great touch and understanding of angles.

That doesn't mean a joker can pick up an LP bat and jump up 5 levels instantly (like the difference in level with LP and 2x Inverted for Oliver)

Still, doesn't that dude wear a nice looking red jersey?
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