Surprising BH rubber

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Aug 2016
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Due to knee injury I am actively changing my style from FH dominant to a more balanced play.

I got a 41 degree Neo TG2 (boosted with 1 layer only) on my W968 as FH, and 09C as BH. I went to my friend's place to train BH for 3 hours.

I flipped my racket (TG2 on BH), OMG the feel is so solid and control is amazing. I blocked with a much higher precision. Counter is much easier with TG2 than with H3 and 09C.

I immediately ordered a few more sheets of TG2 to put on my BH.

For those who have not played TG2, it has a very dead response - the ball goes really short. But when you punch with it, it's as powerful as H3.