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5 out of 5 rating for Tenor


A beautiful, well-crafted blade. Everything smooth as butter. No sharp edges. Comes with a very, very thin coat of sealant. A coat of Alcohol based sealant was applied to the handle, just to keep the gorgeous looking of it.

At first i thought it'd be a brick in my hand due its weight - 93gr - and the oversized head. Yea, its heavy. But less head heavy than some Stigas blades i have. The rubbers take some part of it but its mainly the balance of the blade. Even tho its oversized i dont think it impacts some "pocket power shots" , compact moves.
As a close-to-table allround offensive player, i must say it is slow when you want, and super fast when you swing enough. Before i used Adidas with Tenor, i tried Omega IV Asia both sides, Omega V Europa, Vega Europa, Tenergy 64 and the blade behavior did not change. It is dead in short-play, fast close game, and fast/super spinny mid distance rallies. A friend o mine has one too, he uses Adidas P5 and Adidas Blaze Speed SP, im not familiar with SP but the little i tried, it still offering the speed and placement control, a true do-it-all this blade is. Well, another friend o mine tried LP+Tenor and it didnt go well, too fast he said.
In short
*Beautiful blade
*Outstanding Craftmanship
*Little Vibrations...well, it does have vibrations but not like a tamborine like P500, Rosewood V, Infinity and Offensive S. It is smooth. Its vibration connects to your soul and you become as one.
*Short/Close game very good.
*Mid distance is where it shines. If you do a full swing, is almost a point won, spin is huge and so is the speed. In rallies i can change direction with much more accuracy than other setups.
*Full racket i think is about 190~gr but doest feel it. Still very agile. I feel my RW5 (82gr) with 2 Rakzas 7 way more headheavy than this.