Xuperman Powerplay-x: A Rubber by Xu Xin

Didn't Xu Xin ask Adam Bobrow for permission to trademark Xuperman? I think it is in one of the video made by Adam.

I think it is very gracious for Adam to give Xu Xin permission to use the Xuperman phrase. It is so cool! Just the name.

I love Xu Xin and his style. I rooted for him for many years. He is so entertaining. Yes everyone can see if he plays "more seriously," his records would be better. But he likes to go away from the table, start fishing and only counter when he sees a chance. I am sure he enjoyed his style.

So maybe he is not the most decorated Chinese table tennis player ever (I mean titles wise, we can all agree Ma Long, Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Wang Liquin, Wang Hao, Ma Lin, Zhang Jike, Fan Zhendong, etc. etc. all are much more decorated titles wise than Xu Xin). But I really really hope his Xuperman brand will bring him some serious money! Xu Xin deserves it!

I cannot image how much sweat, hard work it is to just even make it past the provincial team to the national team. Every single one of them plays hurt all the time. They train like 6.5 days a week! It is time for Xu Xin to live a comfortable life and the Xuperman brand of clothing, rubbers and blade is going in the right direction.
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Oct 2018
I got myself a Powreplay-X Pro at 41 deg hardness a few weeks ago. Since yy B3 bubbled up I have an excuse to take it off and experiment.

It was vacuum sealed just like H3N and had the glue layer on the sponge. Initial impression is quite good actually. It kind of reminds me of Dingtian Young Shine with boost.
The topsheet looks exactly the same to me as the first Dingtian I bought in 2021. The later Dingtian I bought had a different topsheet to it but the Powerplay-X's shine and look and feel reminds me of the first Dingtian that I really loved.

The sponge is also similar to that. It's a medium heavy rubber at 52-3g cut to Cybershape so I guess around 50-51g for normal blade. Stickiness is medium and it feels like it has some catapult to it, doesn't feel dead at all. I will try today.