Xiom Vega series

Definitely felt like I had a much harder time returning backspin from VE than I do the C1. I think VE had too much dwell time for me and the C1 is a nice feeling in between the VE and the Rakza 7. I feel like I have less struggle with short touches and pushes.
Vega Europe was the worst Vega rubber that I've tried. Not sure why anyone would choose it over Korea.
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Apr 2023
In regards to the questions about Xiom Vega v.s. Rakza 7, here are my thoughts:

1) There are many different variations of ESN rubbers. Looking at the pore and the sponge carefully I am pretty sure that Xiom Vega series are closely related to Donic BlueFire series. Maybe BlueFire M1 is similar to Xiom Vega Pro in terms of hardness. Maybe BlueFire M2 is similar to Xiom Vega Japan/Asia. Maybe BlueFire M3 is similar to Xiom Vega Europe.

Just look at the pores on the sponges and feel the sponges. they are identical except BlueFire is blue sponge and Xiom Vega is black sponge.

2) Similarly, last night I just installed a new C-1 rubber on my blade. I am pretty sure that, looking at how the C-1 sponge curl up before I even applied the glue, that G-1/C-1 are related to Rakza 7/Rakza 7 soft. I mean the sponge looks and feels and glue about the same. I think G-1 has the hardest sponge. Followed by Rakza 7. Followed by C-1 and/or Rakza 7 soft. The sponge made by ESN is very similar in those two sets of rubber.

3) Rakza 7 and C-1/G-1 are much more durable than Xiom Vega series.

I have not played with my Donic BlueFire rubber long enough to know if it is durable.

4) I happen to like Xiom Vega Europe. Xiom Vega Europe has saved many of my blades that are hard and fast. It allows me to enjoy those blades. I can see how it is the softest and is not as catapulty as, say, C-1 or Rakza 7 soft. But I would not totally trash Xiom Vega Europe either.

Do I use Xiom Vega Europe a lot right now? No, my BH has gotten used to harder rubbers now, like in the 45 degree ESN range. No way though my BH is ready for 47.5 ro 50 ESN degree rubbers yet.