Your Favorite Inner Carbon Blade - SURVEY

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Dec 2021
Hi ! After the survey on all-wood blades, it's time to talk about inner carbon blades.

Here is the list of the best known and most interesting models in this category. I invite you to share with us your preferences and if possible the reasons for your choice. Of course, you can suggest other references as long as it is not off topic.

1. DHS Hurricane Long V
2. Donic Original True Inner Carbon
3. Donic Waldner Senso Carbon
4. Donic Original n°1 senso
5. DHS Hurricane 301
6. DHS Fang Bo Carbon
7. Joola Rossi Emotion
8. Yasaka Ma lin carbon
9. Andro Synteliac VCI OFF
10. Xiom 36.5 Alxi
11. Xiom Ice Cream AZXI
12. Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner
13. Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC
14. Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC
15. Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC
16. Butterfly Dimitrij Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC
17. Butterfly Harimoto Tomokazu Innerforce ALC
18. Stiga Cybershape Carbon

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Feb 2022
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It’s so subjective, there is almost like no point to give an advices on it. Almost all the innerforce blades are pretty good in my taste. Alc or zlc not really matters. Innerfoce zlc or Apolonia zlc/Franziska zlc is best among them all, but with proper weight of 90 gr. Harimoto is good too, very stable and controlled blade. Long 5 also i liked the least
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Jul 2020
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I use a SDC 7+2 ply defensive blade, so it’s an ‘inner’ carbon blade.
The carbon is there to try and increase the sweet spot rather than speed.
2 wood outer plies,carbon, 3 wood core plies, carbon, 2 wood outer plies.
OSP Expert II CRWi UNI ALL++ FL. I have 2 pieces 88/90 gramm.
The Expert carb is an Inner construction, but the top two veneers are thin and the carbon is closer to the blade surface than an Inner design BTY or Vodak. Similar to WSC, Ma Lin carbon or Stiga OCC.

Because the composite is close to the surface and because the Black Limba - denser(harder) top veneers are used and maybe the gluing method plays a role , the overall feel of the blade is medium to medium hard, but the blade is only about 5.5mm thin and the gentle flex of the blade again promotes the feel and softens the overall feel.
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