Zhang JiKe Interview 2015

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Jan 2015
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I'm not a native Mandarin speaker, but here is my translation for the dialogue of the video!

ZJK was born in Feb 1988, next year he will turn 28. After the retirement of Ma Lin and Wang Hao, the passionate ZJK is gradually referred to as a old athlete. Over the last 5-6 months, he was injured, lost matches, and had conflicts with his club. Only 10 months away from Rio Olympics, how is ZJK going at the moment?
This is the scene ZJK resting after today's training. The wings of the angels plus the English caption 'Persistence', ZJK had once used 445 days, the fastest record, to become a 'grand slam'. Now is again the time for the competition to be a 'grand slam'. Despite having that tattoo, affected by injury and performance instability, ZJK is gradually entering the valley of his career.
"ZJK is at the lowest point of his career, a very painful time. The upcoming period is very crucial, as it is the competition to play in Rio Olympics, therefore it is a big challenge for ZJK. Skills, mental state, body capability, age, and injury, these are multiple complex factors that cannot be summarised by 1-2 sentences.
(ZJK spitting into a waterproof camera.) "That’s disgusting", the camera man says. ZJK says, "Is it waterproof?" Camera man says: "Yes, I have to wipe it after I go back!" ZJK still has a bit of time to express his feelings to his current state. "Whether I am in the trough of the valley or not is just other's comment on my performance, actually my skills and mental state isn't as bad as they describe. Perhaps since I lost more matches, then people say my current state isn't that great and that I am at the lowest of my career. I do not agree with it. I feel, as an athlete, it isn't possible to be always 'good', you can go from feeling the worst to recovering and reaching the peak of your career, and then you drop a little bit down from the peak is normal. I think when your state has dropped to a certain extent, you can't be much worse."
ZJK did 32 reps of 100kg squats. This should restore people's confidence in ZJK's back injury. Xiao Zhan believed that ZJK's biggest challenge come from the extent initial training of ZJK. "His body can be regarded as an old athlete because of age, but his performance is still very strong, I believe he is still one of the strongest in our main group of players. His injury had a lot to do with his previous training method. I believe the system of training in future can prevent these injuries. Of course, the amount of training will not be as much as previously, but the energy can be invested in the way of thinking and preparations.
According to the newest world ranking, ZJK is no 5. No 1 to 4 is as follows: ML, FZD, XX, and Ovtcharov. We have observed, after each day's training, ZJK has invested more time in relaxation and recovery. This change is partly due to his increase in age, but also due to ITTF changing the ball to plastic which takes up a lot more energy. In the 10 months leading to Rio Olympic, ZJK has not had a relaxing period. We hope that ZJK will do as his tattoo says, and he will have the strongest attitude to complete his goal.
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Aug 2012
he's basically saying that everybody sucks, that he's the only good player in the chinese team, that liu guoliang knows nothing about tt, that he's never been in better shape, that rio 2016 title is his, that ma long is a crying baby, that he (malong) should get some tattoos like him if he wants to be a man, that ma long made a small flip celebrating a title and he broke his neck, that mr zjk broke a concrete barrier with his foot celebrating a title and nothing happened to him...
the usual stuff.

but beware, this translation is coming from a guy who can't understand a word of chinese.
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