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02-08-2011, 12:51 PM
Timo Boll’s forehand topspin from a sideways position

How to play a forehand with Timo Boll shows us another topspin variety, which doesn’t look quite so spectacular at first sight but if you take a closer look it demands a lot of athletics and ability. The forehand topspin from the side is very demanding concerning balance, coordination, timing and feeling for the ball. At top level this variety belongs to the repertoire of every player because it can be used to return topspins with quick reactions and pressure from difficult positions. Let’s look at Timo Boll.

It is meaningful to look at the whole game situation to understand why it is useful to play a forehand topspin with shifting the weight to the side. Pictures 1-6 show this impressively.

Pictures 1-6
Timo is already moving forwards to return a ball which was placed in the middle of the forehand (picture 1). He gets into position with one big step and decides probably on a short push return (Picture 2). He takes the weight on his left forward leg to get back into his optimal game position (picture 4). This is followed by a parallel step backwards (pictures 5, 6). Picture 6 shows Timo just before he gets into the playing position. His bat is in front of his body in a neutral position. At this moment it is still not decided which stroke Timo will use to return the ball. On picture 7 he has made up his mind because it is obvious that he opens up towards the forehand and prepares for a forehand stroke.

http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/11cadc3884.jpg http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/56ce4041a3.jpg

http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/18875099b7.jpg http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/72fe4b007f.jpg

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http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/72fe4b007f.jpg http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/185767f9e4.jpg

Pictures 7-11:
Picture 7 shows us the beginning of the backswing for a forehand topspin. On picture 8 we see Timo at the end of the backswing. It must have been a quick return of his opponent – flip or spin. Timo definitely hasn’t got enough time for a little sidestep to meet the ball and get into a better position for a forehand topspin. Instead he moves his upper body completely to the side towards the left leg. His right leg is stretched and stresses the extent of this shifting to the side. His playing arm is also stretched far out so that the whole body weight is on his bent left leg. By shifting his weight Timo gains time and a lot of space, so that he can reach the ball on time and can put pressure on the ball. Picture 9 shows Timo after he has made contact with the ball. We can clearly see that Timo without shifting the weight over to the right leg remains standing on his left leg and twists the body slightly. There is almost no use of the upper body for this stroke. The stroke is mainly played with the playing arm, which can be seen more and more in modern top table tennis because of the extreme speed of the game. Picture 10 shows us the dynamic of this topspin variety. Timo starts with the left foot and jumps up with both legs. He is landing on his left leg and pushes off with it to get back into his playing position on the backhand side (picture 11).

http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/6f636cb1f7.jpg http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/6c5830f275.jpg

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http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/b347827cb8.jpg http://www.butterfly-world.com/typo3temp/4b3a421dce.jpg

Timo makes it look so easy, but it is high table tennis art not only concerning the footwork, the upper body coordination and balance but also concerning the playing arm. The ability to play a forehand topspin by just using your arm demands the highest technical perfection. Additionally time is essential. If your opponent has played a fast and well placed ball and you return it with a forehand topspin from a sideways position so speedily and with a lot of pressure you need excellent abilities in anticipation and reaction.

I am Damo and i do not own the rights to this article it belongs to HERE (http://www.butterfly-world.com/index.php?id=494&L=1)

So leave a comment below... do you have anything to add from this? did you learn anything here...? do you implement this into your game?

02-08-2011, 01:30 PM
learned alot i used to wonder when i watch him play ma lin and other top players why they had so much trouble.I know Timo is incredible one of my favorite players the naked eye can only catch so much from a dvd!!!!

02-08-2011, 09:24 PM
really interesting keep them coming with other players!

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Thanks for this excellent article!

I'm a lefty, too! :D Haha.

02-09-2011, 04:02 AM
Nice analysis.. next time try with slow motion video.. tat would be more effective than pics.. :D

02-09-2011, 06:18 AM
Nice analysis.. next time try with slow motion video.. tat would be more effective than pics.. :D

i will try

john doe
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Thanks for this excellent article!

I'm a lefty, too! :D Haha.

me too. haha.

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This is from the Butterlfy page :P :D

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yeah.... :P

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i will do this with other player soon...if you like this?

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Timo is a great player and his technique is very good... Great post!

09-21-2011, 12:14 AM
this kind of sports I think you need to wear a kind of durable sports wear.

09-21-2011, 12:20 AM
Yes ...that is true he has a very good moves...he is very smart athelete

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wow... nice move..great

09-21-2011, 01:07 PM
Excellent stuff but breaking down movements sometimes bewilder me.
Gotta read it and let my natural movement flow :)