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    Victas rubbers similar to rakza X


    I usually play Rakza X on FH and BH and i'm very happy with it but i got a new additional blade so i need 2 new rubbers and i'll buy 1 sheet of Rakza X but i'd like to use this occasion to try something else

    I'm thinking to take a Victas as i'm curious about it but i don't understand how works their product category, so what would be similar to rakza X or otherwise a good fit in general ?

    For some additional context
    - I have a innerforce ALC and a OSP virtuoso + (not sure on which one i'll put the victas actually)
    - I'm forehand oriented and my strongest shot is "slow" spinny loop on backspin and i also have a good block but in general i'm a classic mid distance topspinner. Also i play around 1500 1600 USATT
    - So i like a very good and easy grip to be able to grab the ball even with a thin contact (for the slow spinny loop)
    - I look for consistency, accuracy and spin, also a pretty high arc. I'm able to generate power so i mainly want to have confidence in my blade
    - I also played DNA M for a while, i liked it but i was very disappointed by the last sheet i got that was very bad. So i can like this kind of rubber but i prefer rakza X. Maybe the only thing that may bother me slightly is that the topsheet is a bit soft in my impression ?

    Thanks a lot, have a good day

    P.S : Right now i'm thinking about V11 Extra, not sure if it's a good fit ? I may also be open to other brand if you think it may be better
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