Do you have a pro player copycat setup?

says Serve, top, edge. Repeat.
says Serve, top, edge. Repeat.
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May 2020
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I had Viscaria Hurricane 3 and t80 for JZK, and eventually changed it to t05 and t05fx, that was unintentionally a copy of Kreanga setup. Didn't know it at the time, I just liked it and fit me the best.

Now I'm disliking my rubbers, Intensity, goldarc 8 and Bluestorm Z3, so I'll probably go back to tenergy or hurricane and t05 on my clipper and be done with it.
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Dec 2023
Yes. I have Kenta Matsudaira 2023 setup. All Tibhar. MK carbon with Hybrid MK on FH and Hybrid K3 on BH (both max)

But I think he upgraded to Hybrid MK Pro
How do you find the Hybrid MK compared to other rubbers you've used? I'm still searching for something on my forehand, so far T05 FX is the best fit. Interesting to see some pros also find harder rubbers on the forehand aren't what they are looking for.