Hello from California!

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Sep 2011
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I am in Sacramento without any proper TT club, but I get around as much as I can.

I am usually with friends 1-2x a year for the big LA tourneys like LA Open, US Open, or Meiklejohn Seniors.

You go to big tourneys, you will run into me and my TT Trouble Making friends.
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Oct 2022
Close enough, I count that as the greater bay area!
oh man.. my cousins who grew up in alameda had a strict rule- unless you can actually see the physical bay, you're not in the bay area. I'm not as strict, but i m 100% not in the bay area even though i am easily within driving distance. The Sacramento valley is its own unique culture and communit(ies). Although its still california pricing, it's much more affordable in general than the bay area. i love to visit the bay...and have done so hundreds of times in my life....but i would never live there. although i will admit that the bay is one of the meccas for TT in the USA.
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