Yes! You heard it right! Ryu Seung Min will move to Germany with his wife and baby boy to represent Ochsenhausen in the Bundesliga!


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Ryu Seung Min the Olympic champion in 2004 became a father just two weeks ago, so he, his wide and baby boy will move to Germany to represent the club Ochsenhausen. Just before the World Team Championships, Ryu announced his singing for the new club.

Russia's Karill Skachkov will also stay at the club which was expressed by the clubs president, Rainer Ihle. Ryu Seung Min will play alongside Portugal's Tiago Apolonia, Russia's Kirill Skachkov and England's Liam Pitchford.

Ryu Seung Min has told the club he is more then happy to play for them, however he will miss some matches at the beginning due to his training camps with the Korean team in preparation for the upcoming London 2012, Olympics. Ryu promised he will give his best for the club!


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says Out of Business Janitor/Babysitter
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Ryu will go there and like Germany, it is a very clean nation and that appeals to Koreans. His wife will love it there and there are enough Korean Gyo-Po over there to keep his Korean heritage well. All in all, a great move for Ryu. He has already been making wonderful facebook posts of his family looking very good in Germany. I thought he had some newlywed cash and brought along his family for the trip, so now he has a contract, great for the Korean tiger.