Which Hurricane 3 should I choose?

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hi, just curious, what is a difference between H3 Neo vs NonNeo as I noticed that i.e. National comes out NonNeo (white box) and Neo (color-shiny box)
Supposely neo sponge is factory pre-boosted so you should not need to boost out of the box. Non-neo is the regular sponge that you need to boost.

However, I have always boosted my neo and even after boosting, each rubber needs to be mechanically broken into for 3-5 practice sessions.
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I'd just go with regular commercial version. Boost it with 2-3 layers and you won't be able to tell the difference between commercial and national. I certainly can't.
I never used H3 neo provincial and national. I have ony used H3 neo commercial. And I have zero urge to buy any of the provincial and national offering. No interest whatsoever.