1. WTB Stiga All Roud Classic WRB

    I'm looking for Stiga All Round Classic WRB.
  2. Stiga action roller table.

    We have one at my office and the table is OK'ish but the net is horrible. It's permanently attached to the table and not changable. I would love to put another net on there. Anybody have any experience with this ? Cheers L-zr
  3. Looking for Stiga overgrip grip tape

    basically the title, in black colour. tt11 says its discontinued but stigas site just says out of stock with the other colours available for purchase. Cant find anywhere else that sells it. Im in Australia. If anyone knows where i could buy it from thatd be great
  4. Butterfly Viscaria with Stiga handle??? Interesting join-venture!

    I read about but I never seen it for sale: Seems to be an official blade... That is an interesting join-venture of Butterfly and Stiga for China National team.
  5. Nittaku accoustic and stiga classics

    Hi Everyone, Need your help with two questions.. 1. how would you compare Stiga offensive classic with Stiga evolution with regard to flex, hardness, vibration and overall performance. Which of the two would be most suitable for a beginner? 2. What are your comments on the following combo for...
  6. Stiga new blades for 2021 1-3 LGL blades Green handle inner carbon blade 1300rmb one after the green handle- cow year blade carbonado 45 gold- viscaria gold vibes xuxin gold
  7. Stiga Dynasty Carbon, Opinions and similar blades

    Hello Guys, I would like to ask You about your opinions on Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin edition blade. I watched a video on TTD channel and I am interested in buying one for myself. Is somebody here using this blade or ex user? Also how does this blade compare to blades like Butterfly Innerforce...
  8. FS: Stiga Dynasty Carbon CPEN

    Hi everyone, I want to sell a Stiga Dynasty Carbon, the blade which Xu Xin is using as c-penhold grip. I bought it this year in March and tested it for three weeks, so it is in a 9,9/10 condition. The two Xiom Vega Pro are both in max and used, I can either remove them or just include them into...
  9. Question about Stiga's Clipper Surprise in 2021

    Hi all In one of Stiga's facebook post, dated 14 Oct 2020, Stiga says "Clipper Wood was first released in 1981 and we have a surprise coming for 2021." Has there been any news about what it could be? Its not the new CRW VII being sold in China is it? :confused:
  10. Stiga Energy Wood V2

    Stiga Energy Wood V2 Weight: 92 grams Thickness: 6.08mm Plies: 5 (limba-ayous) Speed: Off Well this is it, the Energy Wood WRB V2 as finally landed in my hands together with the Banda All Around blade after some time of waiting due to the pandemic. The Energy Blade WRB V2 is...
  11. STIGA CRW7 China Exclusive info?review?

    Anybody got any information about the CRW7 review? Insight? thoughts? Don't see much posted about this blade as it is a China Exclusive, it's very beautiful and unique imo. I have a feeling that it's faster than a clipper but slower than RW7 and approx like RW5 but acts more like a clipper...
  12. Stiga emerald vs stiga rosewood xo

    I have two blades in mind that I haven't really decided yet I was thinking either the Emerald or the XO... What would be a better starting blade well another way to put it is what would be the better blade to use first if I were to purchase both in the future which one would I be better off with...
  13. Replacement for Stiga Calibra LT?

    I really like Calibra LT (Max), but it looks like it's possibly being discontinued. TT11 has it reduced in clearance so I've purchased enough for a year, but want to start experimenting with others in case I have to change. I'm a very flat hitter, and use a modified seemiller grip, so I use the...
  14. I Tried STIGA's Fastest Table Tennis Blade

    Hey guys! Today we try out STIGA's brand new Legacy Carbon blade! Join me and Tom in the TableTennisDaily Studio where we put the blade through it's paces and see what the hype is all about! We also compare the Legacy to STIGA's popular Carbonado Series as well as their flagship Dynasty blade...
  15. Stiga infinity vps weight balance

    Hello there! So I just want know how balanced the Infinity vps is. If it's head heavy or not. I will be playing it with DNA Pro M. Right now I'm playing with a kinda head heavy blade that weight 92 grams with the dna m. I feel that it's a little too heavy sometimes. Especially in backhand.
  16. BANDA by Stiga - new blades

    Hi, as of next Monday people can order from the Stiga site the new "old" BANDA blades which are Allround, Offensive, Carbon. Are they also available with straight handles ? Will the blade composition be the same like in the 80's / 90's ? Thanks
  17. STIGA Energy Wood V2 ? (vs Nittaku Acoustic wood)

    my first bat was technically my premade stiga evolution blade, which took me thru my beginner year in which i played with my dad in our backyard. Then my first bat was FH : 40deg H3, energy wood, BH: Rakza 7 soft which i found worked well ( i guess?) the only thing i would say now after playing...
  18. Stiga genesis m vs mantra m on bh

    I want to try new bh rubber because the 1 i use wear out because it was fake, and i dont know which rubber will give me more spin, genesis or mantra
  19. FS: Stiga VPS V - master FL handle

    Bought the blade and rubbers in januari 2020 on dandoy webshop. Just isn't a perfect match for me Fh: Xiom vega pro max BH: Xiom vega europe 2.0 Blade: Stiga VPS V - master Flared handle 173gr Price 90 EUR
  20. Stiga Legacy Blade Review

    Stiga Legacy Carbon Weight: 88 grams Plies: 7 (limba outer, 12k Carbon + pine with Ayous core) Thickness: 5.86mm Speed: Off+ Stiga has released this black blade for the first time. Due to the Covid Crisis I only was able to get hold of this about 1 week ago upon posting this...