DNA Platinum Vs Tibhar Aurus

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Sep 2022

Always wanted to know the diffirence between these two rubbers?

I own and played with these 2 rubbers in DNA Soft and TIBHAR Sound, both are 42 degrees. I'll talk about Speed, spin, hardness and durability.

These rubbers are great for backhand! Lightweight and ease of use and incredible!

Tibhar Aurus sound gives a great amount of control in open up against backspin, It has slightly more dwell time and gives plently of spin.
While it is easier to open up, the quality of the ball is lower.
This is why DNA S shines in open ups. The soft sponge makes the ball go into the sponge and makes the arc more direct. It gives the same amount of spin, but goes lower over the net.

Speed is very similar, Both arent speed monsters. I have the harder versions and those have big differences, while soft not really. Especially on active play.

When under pressure these soft rubbers give confidence to still play active. DNA gives off more confidence, especially when you are on the back foot.

Serves and receive, i think both are almost the same. Both have great grip and make a nice low over the net spinny ball.

While looking the same, you can feel the Aurus being more bouncy. DNA S is more clicky.

Durability wise is aurus better, both can be used for a few seasons. But aurus can be amazing for so many years. Mine is as grippy as a new Bluefire. I played with it for 3 years. And had it without cover for another 4.
I do use Hurricane 3 neo, i know what good durability is.

I make this review with in mind the 42d sponge. I am a offensive player who loops and drives most balls.

DNA S is a higher quality performer, so i would pick that over aurus. But for serious beginners, aurus is a great pick.

I really had a great time reglueing aurus and playing with it. Felt like new after 7+ years.