Fireman hit the ball 116 km/h (kph) - Guinness world record

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Jun 2016
On June 4 in Czestochowa during the Polish Amateur Championships in Table Tennis there has been organized an event at which we tried to set the Guinness world record in fastest table tennis ball hit in competition (male). The requirements given by the Guinness World Records seemed to be unreachable. Firstly, the hit had to be done during the game so we decided to hit right after the serve, secondly, the ball had to be hit at least 112,5 km/h.


In previous years using more amateur and simpler speed test devices we reached 112 km/h, but that hit was made with celluloid ball and by the current Polish champion – Tomasz Lewandowski.

Tomasz Lewandowski is now after his season and he wasn’t able to join us this year. There were several dozen of other daredevils who wanted to set the record. From this group we drafted 11 players to the final record setting. Most of them were Polish league players.

To make the measurements we used professional sport radar provided by FlightScope Tennis company who provides services inter alia for tennis Wimbledon. It is the only company in Poland who is a professional in speed measurements for table tennis and other sports.

After a few years of organizing this kind of competitions I didn’t realize that the equipment is such influential.

Thanks to our sponsor we were able to use one of the fastest table tennis balls in the world - Butterfly G40+. The table was also very important – it was Butterfly Centerfold 25. It’s top was much faster than others we’ve been using so far.

There were only four players who hit the ball over 100 km/h and they needed at least a dozen hits to be that fast. The fastest hit made 38 yr Polish fireman – Lukasz Budner. Right after the serve, his forehand counterhit speed up the ball to 116 km/h.

It has been confirmed by independent observers – judges from Polish Table Tennis Association. The hit has been recorded by our cameras and also by the national TV station cameras.

All filled documentation, according to the requirements of the Guinness World Records, will be sent to London to be verified. Nevertheless, today we can say that the world fastest table tennis ball hit record belongs to the Lukasz Brudner from Poland.


says TTD Team vs PingPod out now


says TTD Team vs PingPod out now
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Very impressive I have had a go on this before and reached around 86 at best I think :D Interesting I didnt think a table would have made a difference in speed. Was it a great difference in speed between tables you tested on? Congrats on the record, awesome stuff!
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Ehmm sorry to spoil the party but guinness records claim to be super official and stuff and most of the times the records are only for promotional purposes. Now I dont have anything against the guy or butterfly but just smashing the ball like that is super easy.

This is with the old balls but imagine what a top pro can do if he smashes it with full body technique, not just his hand

It would be interesting to check the speed on the ball in real time matches by dima or ma long, just smashing is not anything special if you ask me
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