Recommendations for a beginner + few questions

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Jan 2020
I used neottec vodoo classic for almost a year and I used it with couple of different rubbers. I really like this blade, much much more than Stiga allround classic WRB. I also at some point felt that it was bouncy or difficult to control ( I felt it was still quite fast for me) so I glued somewhat tacky rubbers such as rasanter c48 and later Nittaku Sieger PK50 on the forehand side;. I liked Sieger PK50 more (but lately after owning 4 sheets I’ve noticed they start to become dead quite soon, meaning they don’t seem to grab the ball much, maybe it’s just my bad luck) so perhaps you can try Sieger pk50 on the forehand and for backhand I can also recommend neottec x5-m (a very linear, long lasting and easy to control rubber) . Also try both rubbers in medium thickness,

After this blade I tried even slower blade; butterfly Jonyer Hinoki (an old discontinued blade) and results were better for me.
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Jul 2023
My absolute favorite setup for beginners, advanced or people struggling with injury or just prone to injury is Yinhe T11 blade with two sheets of 37deg Yinhe Big Dipper. The blade is very light, around 70g, it is very fast, but the rubbers are sticky chinese with a bit of a bounce. So this setup is very light, very spinny since tacky chinese rubbers, on weak touches it's slow due to the slow rubbers, but when you hit hard it is pretty fast since the blade is fast as hell.

This setup costs like 20USD for the blade and 15+15USD for the two rubbers on aliexpress and one can spend 2-300USD on any other and won't find a better combo.
T11/T11s is part of favorite setup for beginners?