Tibhar MX-D vs. Stiga DNA Hybrid (or Platinum) M or H?

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Sep 2020
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Can anyone compare Tibhar MX-D to Stiga DNA Hybrid M or H (or Platinum M or H)?
I tried DNA Platinum H 5 times ~2 years ago just after I finished with MX-D (which I played for a little bit more than a year). So my impressions are not really fresh.
MX-D felt a little bit havier for me, slightly faster (or maybe easier to get that speed out of it). Close to each other in terms of spin, I guess. Short game was better with DNA, flat hits too.
Thing that I didn't like in MX-D, that it didn't give me any options, like I should produce certain movement on certain ball, especially noticable on a first loop against underspin. That made me think all the time about what and how should I do, my old reflexes didn't work with it well. On a contrary, with DNA Platinum H I could produce weird returns (somewhat like Moregard does o_O:cool:). I'm not really sure why I changed it. Definitely not something bad in its performance, just didn't like something in how it feels, maybe because it forced me to produce too many weird strokes :ROFLMAO: or maybe K3 was a little bit cheaper