says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀


says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀
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Good news for Wang Hao fans. The world rankings for April have just come out from the ITTF and here are the listings below.



Photo by: Roscher

1) Wang Hao
2) Timo Boll
3) Zhang Jike
4) Ma Lin
5) Ma Long
6) Xu Xin
7) Jun Mizutani
8) Vladimir Samsonov
9) Wang Liqin
10) Joo Se Hyuk

Wang Hao's current form has pushed him past former world number 1 Timo Boll to become April's World Number 1!. Wang Hao's recent performance at the Volkswagen Cup in Guangzhou on 24th March 2011 by beating Timo Boll. So its official guys, set by the International Table Tennis Federation on Monday 4th April 2011, Wang Hao regains his world ranked 1 spot after a few years of battle.

Since the rise of Ma Long in December 2009, it was he who took away Wang Hao's 1 position of the world.

The German National hero, Timo Boll has narrowly dropped to rank 2 position.

The next 4 positions on the rankings are all held by the dominant Chinese team. Zhang Jike climbs 1 place to take 3rd place, whilst Ma Lin also climbs 1 place to take 4th position. Ma Long however has dropped 2 places down to 5th postion. Xu Xin keeps his 6th position and so does the rest of the top 10 positions from the previous March Ranking list that can be seen HERE

The biggest jump in the World Rankings of April goes to Lee Sang Su. Since his recent performance in the Polish Open 2011 by winning the event has seem him climb from 70 to 42 position!.



Photo by: TTF Asia / Pacific Office

1) Li Xiaoxia
2) Guo Yan
3) Ding Ning
4) Guo Yue
5) Liu Shiwen
6) Feng Tianwei
7) Ai Fukuhara
8) Kim Kyung Ah
9) Wang Yuegu
10) Kasumi Ishikawa

Li Xiaoxia has regained her ranked 1 position by taking over former world ranked number 1 Guo Yan. However their is not to much change in the womens rankings. Positions 2,3,4,5,6 have stayed the same however Ai Fukuhara has jumped up 1 place due to her recent performance at the Volkswagon World Cup 2011.

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