DHS 37d rubbers for bh

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Oct 2022
Recently I have been tested 37d dhs rubbers for bh. I actually find them to be really good! I have tested H3, H8, and H8-80. To me, H8 is best, H3 is 2nd, and H80 is still pretty good but 3rd. All of them need to be boosted, but are pretty fast with booster. H8 is the fastest.

37d doesnt feel hard, despite the dense chinese style sponge. I think 38d might even be better, to give some more power and punch.

The best thing about using dhs on bh is that they grip very well. Pushes are safe and stable, and loops are spinny and reliable.

The blocks are pretty good, better than i thought. Not crazy sensitive or anything. The feeling is different from tensors though.
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I am trying that rubber on my RPB, it's really good in looping though some efforts are needed to get power

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I tried that once, didn't like it really much, but it is working, it needs special techniques really to make it shiny on BH, i mean when i boosted [not by me] it was great for first time, for smashing and blocking it was great, but flicking and looping i felt it wasn't that great, now i feel that i lose points more with it than my other rackets that don't use DHS 37d rubbers on BH.
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Feb 2023
I'm also using DHS H3 37deg on BH w/o boosting (as suggested by in other thread to not became too soft and mushy). I try to use to it and I really like it. As it was said you should put some power to make the ball fly it's not so bouncy like esn/tensor rubbers. For looping and drive it's very good but I find it really good for serve receive and for block. I'm blocking like the wall :) but don't get me wrong it is on quite fast blade outer carbon with Koto (Joola HRD) not sure how it works on limba surface and/or Innerforce blades type.
On Joola HRD is really good. I'm preparing the same setup now, on faster blade Joola ZQH-90 with Koto outer surface, too. I hope I will like it similar or even better :)

Ps. and I'm not going to boost it
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Sep 2021
I tried them all as well. But after trying Hurricane 3-50, I think it’s better in feel and speed and without the need for boosting as well!