Name: Vladimir Samsonov

Nationality: Belarus

Date Of Birth: April 17, 1976


Photo by: AFP/GETTY

Current World Ranking: 12 (Since July 2013)
July 2013 World Rankings found here.

Career Update: Vladimir Samsonov is one of very few players to stay in the Top 10 World rankings for a period of 10 years! Back in 2002, Samsonov was in his peak by reaching ranked 3 in the world. However, over the last few months Vladimir has dropped out of the top 10 rankings.

Playing Style: Vladimir Samsonov has one of the most unique styles in the game. He bought a new era to the game. It was belived the one who full out attacks the ball wins. However, Vlad is more of an all round complete player having the best of everything.

China is the best nation for table tennis call Vladimir Samsonov the "Tai Chi Master" because of his incredible allround attacking and defensive play. Samsonov can soak up the pressure from any player around. Even when players play full out 100% with full attacking winning shots, Vladi will receive them with interest!

His intelligent play is not only on the table but off aswell. Vladimir Samsonov can speak 4 different languages including English, Russian, Serbian and German.

Greatest Results

Click HERE to watch the match of Vladimir Samsonov most recent competition win.

- Reached two Quarter finals of an Olympics in 1996, 2000
- Samsonov is a record winner of 22 Mens Singles Pro Tour winner!

Below are all the titles Vladi has won at the ITTF Pro Tour Events.

- 1996 Ilalian Open
- 1997 Swedish Open
- 1998 Croatian Open
- 1999 Croatian, Japan Open
- 2000 Croatian Open
- 2001 German Open
- 2003 Qatar Open
- 2004 Brazil Open
- 2005 Croatian, Russian, German Open
- 2006 Croatian, Chile Open
- 2007 Chinese Taipei Open
- 2008 Slovenian, Kuwait, Belarus Open
- 2009 Morocco Open
- 2010 Morocco, Korea, Polish Open
- 3x World Cup winner in 1999, 2001 and 2009
- 3x European Champion in 1998, 2003 and 2005
- 4x Europe Top 12 Winner in 1998, 99, 2001, 07

Equipment and sponsor: Vladimir Samsonov is sponsored by Tibah and has been the face of the equipment for a very long time now. Samsonov uses the Tibah Alpha Blade with the Nimbus VIP rubbers.

Pictures of Samsonov's Equipment

Club Represents

Vladimir Samsonov is currently representing Fakel Gazproma Orenburg.
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