What is your favourite brand?

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Dec 2013
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I am using Victas V>01 Stiff on FH and Limber on BH. But the V>01 that does not say Stiff or Limber is probably right in between those two in terms of hardness and closer in hardness to T05. Stiff is harder than T05. But all of them are good.
I am using V01 Limber on BH. It really plays well. Love the sound. I think Victas is doing a good job and should bring more products and should also focus a little more on ads.

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Oct 2014
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The answer to this has changed over my short TT career. I would have to say today, it is Tibhar blades and Yinhe rubbers, though Donic, Giant Dragon and Joola helped a lot on the blades side, while Butterfly, Joola and Donic helped a lot on the rubbers side.

The Tibhar 5 plies and 7 plies are to my mind outstanding, especially the Stratus Powerwood and Samsonov Force Pro, and Yinhe Big Dipper in 38 deg sponge has changed the game for people who like Chinese rubbers but can't loop like Tony Table Tennis (ZA Penholder).
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For All-wood blades : I like DHS, Stiga and Tibhar (great wood and so many range of choices)
For Carbon blades : I like Butterlfy (nice feeling of ALC, ZLC, and Tamca technology)
For Rubbers : I like Tibhar and DHS (more affordable than Tenergy with almost similar quality)
For Shoes : I like Mizuno (very grippy and very durable)
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Aug 2016
Hard to say. You have favorite things.

Like for blades I like Stiga & Nittaku (Jpens) but have never had a rubber for either and I hate the price of Nittaku balls and the fanboys that follow their balls.

For rubbers I do like the DHS hurricane series.

So if I had to pick just one I guess I'd go with Gambler. The Fire Dragon Touch I have is just as every bit the quality of my Stiga Clipper (all be it a different style) and their rubbers will work for dang near any intermediate player.
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I quite like Tibhar at the moment but I also feel they’re just copying butterfly for cheaper prices... which is a really cool thing but I wish they were more original...

What have they copied?? I can't think of almost anything they have out that is a butterfly clone.