Who do you think will win the World Tour Grand Finals 2018?

  • Xu Xin

    Votes: 9 8.8%
  • Fan Zhendong

    Votes: 40 39.2%
  • Ma Long

    Votes: 27 26.5%
  • Liang Jingkun

    Votes: 6 5.9%
  • Tomokazu Harimoto

    Votes: 10 9.8%
  • Jang Woojin

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Lin Gaoyuan

    Votes: 6 5.9%
  • Hugo Calderano

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • Jun Mizutani

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other (Post Below)

    Votes: 2 2.0%

  • Total voters
says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
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The prestigious World Tour Grand Finals sponsored by Seamaster begins on the 13th December and concludes on the 16th December. The Grand Finals is being held this year in city of Incheon, Korea with a total prize money of $1,001,000. As the year comes to a close we get to look forward to the worlds best players battle it out $100,000 in the men's and women's singles!

The spectacular Grand Finals is fast approaching, we love this time of the year! World Number 2 Xu Xin leads the Men's Singles Seedings as this event is using the World Tour Standings list. Theres a lot on stake this week, Ma Long, Timo Boll, Fan Zhendong and many more have qualified!

Main Draw

Coming soon..

Live matches from the World Tour Grand Finals can be watched on the ITTF Live Streaming here.

Men's Singles Seeds

China's Xu Xin, the World #2 has qualified into the World Tour Grand Finals as as the #1 seed.


Xu Xin no.1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Xu Xin
02) Fan Zhendong
03) Ma Long
04) Liang Jingkun
05) Tomokazu Harimoto
06) Jang Woojin
07) Lin Gaoyuan
08) Hugo Calderano
09) Jun Mizutani
10) Patrick Franziska
11) Jonghoon Lim
12) Lee Sangsu
13) Wong Chun Ting
14) Liu Dingshuo
15) Koki Niwa
16) Timo Boll

Reserve players
17) Yuya Oshima
18) Liam Pitchford
19) Kazuhiro Yoshimura

Women Singles Seeds


Wang Manyu enters the World Tour Grand Finals as the #1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Wang Manyu
02) Kasumi Ishikawa
03) Liu Shiwen
04) Mima Ito
05) Ding Ning
06) Cheg Meng
07) Zhu Yuling
08) Hyowon Suh
09) Cheng I-Ching
10) Chen Xingtong
11) Hitomi Sato
12) Zhuojia He
13) Miu Hirano
14) Sun Yingsha
15) Feng Tianwei
16) Saki Shibata

Reserve players
17) Jihee Jeon
18) Doo Hoi Kem
19) Wang Yidi

Here we go table tennis World, what a week we have in store! The recent world events have seen some epic battles with many upsets throughout the year. This year has seen the new world ranking in place which has changed a lot of seeded positions.

A fantastic event to follow, be sure to get involved on the TTD discussions.We can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results, videos and news from this spectacular World Tour event! What are your predictions from each event.
says I would recommend all wood. Samsonov Alpha sgs is the...
says I would recommend all wood. Samsonov Alpha sgs is the...
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FZD without breaking a sweat.
At his peak he is stronger than ma long ever was. Right now he's basically winning every tournament he enters more or less.

But the real interesting part for me is the women's competition.
I think Cheng Meng has become the best china has, sadly eclipsing my queen liu shiwen.
But Mima Ito is basically revolutionizing TT right now.
I really can't wait for those matches :)
says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
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Jan 2018
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FZD, ML, XX, Liang Jingkun, and Lin Gaoyuan are all legitimate contenders for gold.
Unfortunately, there's not much suspense in this grand final for players of other national associations. China is just too strong this year.
Why not? I think Harimoto could take out one or two CNT players. Also Jang Woojin could take out a CNT player considering he's playing in front of his home crowd hopefully he'll be in the same form that he was in the Korea Open earlier this when he won the all 3 titles he participated in.
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Jonghoon Lim takes Xu xin out ,
Koki niwa takes another chinese out
One chinese takes another chinese out and i hope the final will be between one CNT and one non CNT player

This is an ambitious plan, but I hope some like this happens. It would make the final more interesting.