1. Nittaku Ma Long Seven - Blade

    Hi everyone, Today, I am interested in Nittaku Ma Long Seven blade. It is a 7-ply blade, produced in collaboration with DHS, in tribute to this legendary player. Very few returns are visible on this blade and yet it is found at the top of the most popular blades on a well-known reseller...
  2. DHS power G P-G7 with Thibar MXP

    Do you think it's a good combination to put MXP on my new PowerG pg-7? Thank you
  3. DHS Skyline rubbers are dead?

    Hello guys I am planning on getting blue sponge prov version of the rubbers hurricane 3 or skyline 3 my question is why a rubber that was suposed to surpass hurricane 3 is now no where to be talked about and is the least selling rubber on tabletennis11 many pro penholders like xu xin/ma...
  4. After boosting has gone from DHS H3 NEO what have you got ?

    I have equipped a couple of my blades with DHS Hurrican 3 commercial. I chose Standard H3 on my forehand and NEOs on the backhand. I now found that after a couple of months I turned the blade around because the Standard H3 has maintained both it's tackiness and bounciness , while the NEOs have...
  5. DHS TG blades

    Hi, I am trying to find the info on TG blade family made by Double Happiness. I've been browsing through internet for quite some time but I am struggling to find much info. I would really like to know about the differences between blades. They seem to be affordable quality blades that DHS...
  6. DHS h301 vs DHS hurricane long v

    How do these two blades compare? Would h301 go well with globe 999 national blue sponge on fh and yasaka mark v 2.0 mm on bh? or hl5 Thanks..
  7. Alternative to boosted DHS Provincial Hurricane 3

    Hello. What will be similar in speed and rotation to the boosted DHS Provincial Hurricane 3 (39 ° -40 °) for the FH and the boosted DHS Provincial Hurricane 3 (37 °) for the BH, but without the need to boost?
  8. DHS long 5x vs King 3

    Hello, I am looking to buy new blade. I saw a lot of products and I picked my 2 favourites, DHS Hurricane Long 5x and DHS Hurricane King 3. Can You guys tell me what are the differences between these blades? I read that King 3 is slower but has more control than Long 5x but I would like to know...
  9. DHS Long V and Ovtcharov/Original No.1 structure comparison

    I've heard couple of street legends about who really produces Donic Original/Ovtcharov No.1. I don't want to make any suggestions or spread any misinformation so I will prevent myself from sharing my conclusion. I just want to share every information I gathered so far. I don't own an Long V at...
  10. Dhs h3n/h3 vs tg2/tg3 difference?

    As far as I'm concerned Tg series is based off of penholding but that conclusion was only drawn from the idea that the national Chinese team penhold players use The while shakehanders use H3... Is there really key differences in to why it's that? Anyone has any idea why TG is preferred over...
  11. Dhs tg506x info/review???

    Anybody has experience with the Tg506x? Seems to be a outer aryl-Carbon blade koto top ply??? I have a feeling that this is a more so a penhold oriented blade than anything...As the Tg series rubbers are penhold oriented opposed to hurricane series Any thoughts? Would something like a H301 be...
  12. Dhs tg-506x

    Has anyone played with the new DHS TG-506X? And could give a quick review/compare it with other blades? https://a.aliexpress.com/_B0djGB https://www.prott.vip/Product-Details.aspx?productcode=TG506X Thank you!
  13. Prott dhs national hurricane neo 3 $58.00 !?!? Authentic????

    Somethings not right here I'm see that PROTT has the national version at $58USD? am I seeing things or this can't be authentic at that price? Anyone have experience with PROTT and DHS NATIONAL rubbers? I've heard them selling them at $90USD in the past but never $58USD
  14. dhs-729.eu LEGIT ?

    Does anyone know this site ? is it legit ? dhs-729.eu Im looking for a Hurricane 3 neo 40° Found one on contra.de but they´re not telling anything abound sponge color and hardness https://www.contra.de/en/dhs-belag-neo-hurricane-iii.html
  15. Dhs neo hurricane iii new version national and provincial

    Hi Guys Enjoy the new DHS neo hurricane III national and provincial rubbers along with DHS Neo Skyline II National Blue sponge and DHS Hurricane 8 37degree Backhand Rubber. I will write review after using it.
  16. DHS H3 37 degree 'backhand rubbers

    For those of you interested in DHS H3 37 DEGREE rubbers. dhs-729 have H3 Nat 37 and H3 Provincial 37 in stock, red only.
  17. FS: Multiple Racket Setups

    Selling a like new DHS Hurricane Long V paddle with Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo Rubbers. Used for only one session. I just have too many paddles and have decided to sell some of my paddles. Selling for $180 including rubbers and shipping in US. The pictures speak for themselves. This is...
  18. Hurricane 3 MEGA THREAD

    Theres so many variants and so much to know about the acclaimed Hurricane 3 rubbers. I got 40deg H3 provincial (orange sponge) as my FH on my first (current) bat. And i really like it. Im looking to upgrade bats in the near future and would like to keep h3 on my forehand, although i would like...
  19. DHS Hurricane G / Ji - koto or ayous?

    Hi guys, I'm interested in this new blade by DHS but the info about the top plies is confusing. Both PROTT and princett says that this blade has limba and koto outer plies but on aliexpress Chinese PingPong and Playa PingPong says the plies are Limba + Ayous + ALC + Ayous + ALC + Ayous + Ayous...
  20. DHS DJ40+ balls

    Yesterday bought a couple of boxes of this balls... Interesting thing that they sells in different boxes and have different 2nd emblem on ball itself ("WT emblem" or "ITTF 2020 BUSAN" emblem... see photos below)... Played a couple of matches with one of "2020 BUSAN" balls, for me it's pretty...