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  3. W968 any version?

    Hi all again, Now i have a budget to order the blade i was dream about, but can't afford the most expensive version of it, the version i found is the cheapest i can afford, it is DHS Hurricane Long 5 National which is coded as "W968". If i buy any version i find online that is almost half to...
  4. How do you re-boost? (Boosting 2nd time)

    So it's been a month after i boosted my Hurricane 3 (Provincial Blue sponge) with 3 layers of Haifu booster. I am planning to reboost it one last time. Can i still re-boost it? if yes, how? Thank you!
  5. 41 Or 40 Degree DHS hurricane 3

    Which is better to boost with haifu? 41 degree hurricane 3 or 40 degree?
  6. What FH rubber to choose? (pen)

    Hello! Recently I started playing cpen and I built a new setup, YEO, Hurricane 2 neo and Vega Euro. I like the blade and Vega because I used a similar setup when I played shake. Originaly I had bought a Skyline 2 neo but they sent me a Hurricane 2, which feels very weird, I don't really like...
  7. DHS Long 5 stock availability

    Hello all, I have been trying to purchase the DHS Long 5 for nearly a month now but it is out of stock everywhere in Europe and in other parts of the world. Does anyone know why this is? Thanks for responding!
  8. Skyline, TG series and TG neo series, what's up with all this???

    Hello, I'm sorry for making so many posts, but I'm sure more have this question. I've seen that there are a few different versions of the DHS Skyline rubbers, I'll use the Skyline 2 for refference. What are their differences, are they the same rubber with each iteration having a more advanced...
  9. Is the DHS 9002 (premade) any good?

    Helloooo! I've been playing for 7 years now and know in a general sense what I want, I have been looking at this for a while because the price is pretty enticing and seems to fit my demands for a more specialised change/upgrade, according to my coach's recommendations. I've been playing with...
  10. Penhold weight

    Hello, I have a Stiga Azalea Offensive cpen weighing 87g (jttaa version, hence the extreme weight). I have put on it a dawei 388a-4 and a fastarc g1 that I had laying around but are hard to play. It's a bit heavy too, I've no idea how heavy the g1 is, but the dawei is 51 or 52 grams when cut...
  11. Which Hurricane 3 version?

    Hello everyone! I have been playing for about 7 years and have found the hurricane 3 and hurricane 3 neo rubbers (commercial versions) to suit my style pretty much perfectly. My blade is the stiga intensity nct and currently I have a commercial hurricane 3 (non neo) 40° 2.2 and I'm looking for...
  12. Hurricane Long V vs Viscaria

    Hello everyone, This is a long one, so buckle up. I wanted to share my experience with my DHS Hurricane Long V. I will compare it to the old (5,7mm) Viscaria, since it's the only other carbon blade I have, and I have a lot of experience with it. I mention the Viscaria because it's very...
  13. Dignics 09c vs Sanwei Target National new version vs Jupiter 3 Asia vs DHS 8-80 for FH on TB ALC blade

    Looking for a replacement to D09c. I love the rubber, but I find it’s not that long lasting and it’s really expensive. So I’ve been looking at other hybrid rubbers with that tacky top sheet to decrease the slippage I feel with an older D09c, but I am still concerned about shifting away from the...
  14. DHS di ht

    Hy Anybody played with this beauty?
  15. How to know if hurricane long 5 provincial is authentic

    Hey, I found a used hurricane long 5 provincial being sold for $200. I’m planning on picking it up Saturday but I heard there’s lots of fakes of these made. It has the box and serial number and everything but I know there’s really good fakes being produced. He said he got it when visiting China...
  16. H3 Neo Prov Blue Sponge 39° vs 40°

    Hello everyone! I'm no stranger with cheap Chinese Rubbers such as Yinhe, Sanwei and Friendship but I want to try for the first time the Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial BS. Is there a significant difference between 39° and 40°? Please help me decide. Thank you!
  17. Nittaku Ma Long Seven - Blade

    Hi everyone, Today, I am interested in Nittaku Ma Long Seven blade. It is a 7-ply blade, produced in collaboration with DHS, in tribute to this legendary player. Very few returns are visible on this blade and yet it is found at the top of the most popular blades on a well-known reseller...
  18. DHS power G P-G7 with Thibar MXP

    Do you think it's a good combination to put MXP on my new PowerG pg-7? Thank you
  19. DHS Skyline rubbers are dead?

    Hello guys I am planning on getting blue sponge prov version of the rubbers hurricane 3 or skyline 3 my question is why a rubber that was suposed to surpass hurricane 3 is now no where to be talked about and is the least selling rubber on tabletennis11 many pro penholders like xu xin/ma...
  20. After boosting has gone from DHS H3 NEO what have you got ?

    I have equipped a couple of my blades with DHS Hurrican 3 commercial. I chose Standard H3 on my forehand and NEOs on the backhand. I now found that after a couple of months I turned the blade around because the Standard H3 has maintained both it's tackiness and bounciness , while the NEOs have...